Your CVCOIN(“CVN”) in BTS(“Bitshares”) asset is SAFE!

Special notice addressed to CVCOIN(“CVN”) token in BTS(“Bitshares”) holders.

Dear CVCOIN(“CVN”) Holders

In response to many requests from Crypviser community members regarding the situation around OpenLedger DEX (, this is to inform you that CVCOIN(“CVN”) token in BTS(“Bitshares”) asset is completely SAFE and tradable on all active DEX exchanges.

CVCOIN(“CVN) is a native decentralized token in Bitshares ecosystem and doesn’t depend on the specific company or any third-party.

You can always access your CVN tokens in any Bitshares wallet. Crypviser recommends

However, for the maximum security and safety purpose we advise to exchange your CVN BTS to CVT token and store in the Crypviser Secure Messenger wallet.
CVT is the native token of the Crypviser Secure Network token launched in 2018.

Please follow a special form to apply for CVN BTS/ERC20 exchange to CVT

The Crypviser Secure Network and Apps have successfully passed several international Hackathones in 2018–2019. Since the launch date in July 2018 there were none reported security accidents or found vulnerabilities.

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