“They’re not saying that they’re going to defy a court order, that they’re going to go to jail to protect your messages.” Bruce Schneier, about Instant Messenger Companies.

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The highly respected Bruce Schneier

Cryptographer and security expert Bruce Schneier doesn’t care too much for the so-called “secure instant messengers”, and to be quite frank the mass majority of these End 2 End Encrypted messengers leave a lot to be desired.

Mr. Schneier once stated:

“Let’s say they’re encrypted, ( he is referring to the messages that one sends)that means that, assuming they did a decent job, no one can read the messages in transit. It doesn’t mean they can’t read them on your computer, and it doesn’t mean that someone can’t issue a court order to get those messages off a server somewhere.”

Well said Mr. Schneier, that is of course if the provider of the so called secure messenger has a server. In most cases, well in 99% of the cases they do, have a server that is. These messages get passed through the companies server on their way to the recipient.

Most companies claim that they will store these messages, “in case they are undeliverable”, for 30 days, and then delete them. This is the practice of one of the worlds biggest instant messengers, well, that is their claim. Though being owned by Facebook, can you truly believe or trust them? This 1.5 billion active user messenger also stores, on its servers, Photos, Videos, and Contacts for 30 days even IF they are successfuly delivered right away. We won’t even go into the fact that they store your name, mobile number and also share it with third parties, no, let’s not go there.

The other claim about the court order demanding that the company grant access to their servers to the court,or the police, or an attorney, or some other entity to get messages off their server might sound a bit far fetched at first, but it has happened in the past, and could for sure happen in the future.

So in regards to Mr. Schneiers statements I would have to say I agree with them, which is why Crypviser has no central server to pass along messages, or store any personal information. In fact Crypviser believes the best way to protect personal information is to Not Collect It in the first place. Therefore no mobile numbers are needed, no names are needed, no email address are needed, you remain anonymous to Crypviser.

Crypviser only knows you by the ID you choose to go by within the messenger. How can this be?

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Step 1. You download the App from either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, neither of them share any information with Crypivser on WHO the download came from. No names or personal information is exchanged.

Step 2. You register an account, via the app, which requires a user created I.D, (such as Frank23 or Superman00) and a user created password.

Step 3. All authentication is done using Blockchain Technology, therefore no personal information is required, nor wanted.

— — — — — — — — — — — —

So let’s go back to the statement from Mr. Schneier:

“They’re not saying that they’re going to defy a court order, that they’re going to go to jail to protect your messages.”

Well, as a standing executive within Crypviser I can say:

“Bring It On.”

Given the fact that we have, NOT ONE piece of information on our customers, no names, no numbers, no e-mail address, NO DATA OF ANY KIND, and that our core beliefs are:

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That everyone has the right to be secure in their communications.

That everyone has the right to privacy.

That everyone has the right to freedom of speech.

they can come with all the subpoenas, law enforcement officials, secret service agents, and court orders they want. We in turn will gladly open the doors to our HQ, offer them a cup of coffee, and politely smile as they search for the invisible man, for he just ain’t there.

The best way to protect your personal information and data is to NOT COLLECT IT in the first place.


Mark Aaron Babbitt, CCO Crypviser

Download Crypviser Secure Messenger for IOS or Android:

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To learn more about Crypviser Secure Messenger visit our webpage at:

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