The Crypviser Network has been launched!

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We are proud to inform you that the first decentralized secure communication platform, the Crypviser Network was successfully launched in production mode Sat, 20 January 2018.

The Crypviser Network has been developed based on the most advanced, fast and secure blockchain core Graphene/Bitshares.

The Crypviser platform has been heavily adapted and modified for encrypted communication purposes, with implementation of a decentralized cryptographic model for true end-to-end authentication.

Public key authentication, in an asymmetric encryption model (end-to-end encryption) is the most important stage to prevent MITM (Man-in-the-Middle attack) and to ensure that the encryption keys belong to the real owner.

Here you can find some impressive tech specifications about the Crypviser Network.

- Extremely high performance

More than > 100.000 transactions per sec.

(limited by the speed of light)

Less than < 3 sec of block processing time.

- Truly decentralized platform for secure communication.

No central point of registration, authorization or authentication.

- Industrial performance and scalability

The number of potential users capacity either of 1 Mln. or 1 Bln. has no effect to the networks performance or stability.

- All-in-One encrypted eco-system

Unified encrypted platform provides a wide range of secure communication and interaction tools.

- Fully anonymous network

No private or sensitive data is required for joining the network.

No phone or email verification.

- Built-in crypto economy

Natively supported crypto token CVT and integrated secure multi-currency crypto-wallet.

Direct access to the most secure decentralized Bitshares DEX

- Fast and cheap transactions

Extremely fast and cheap fund transfers through the CVPay system.

- Integrated decentralized user reward referral system

Transparent and fair use bounty system to reward users for invitations and registration.

The first product of the Crypviser Network is the beta release of our decentralized encrypted app for secure communications. The Crypviser App for iOS platform will be distributed starting 25 January 2018


By absorbing the best of Graphene core and the Bitshares platform, Crypviser will implement the most secure and advanced technologies, such as

- “Stealth” Technology, for anonymous blockchain transactions within the network.

- Virtual Application Interfaces, allowing people to create custom apps (e.g. smart-contracts) over the Crypviser’s cryptographic protocol and model.

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