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This announcement is about the forthcoming withdraw of all CVN/CVCOIN assets out of OpenLedger DEX.

Dear CVN/CVCOIN Traders, Holders and Users,

Please be aware that we will be withdrawing all CVN/CVT/CVCOIN assets from OpenLedger DEX by the 5th of January 2020.

All CVN/CVT/CVCOIN tokens issued in BTS or ERC20 will be temporarily moved from OpenLedger wallets and gateways, to Crypviser wallets for further deployment on the Crypviser side.

Crypviser will be launching CVN/CVT/CVCOIN ERC20 in — house exchange gateways and/or considering a deployment on another DEX Network in January 2020.

Hereby, please pay attention that CVN/CVT and CVN/CVCOIN ERC20 gateways will NO LONGER Be Available on OpenLedger DEX.

All your CVN assets stored in BTS (Bitshares) format won’t be affected and will be kept safe, no action needs to be taken from your side!

Also, all CVN trading operations on Bitshares and ERC20 Exchanges will not be affected.

Please see the check list below of affected operations related to CVN/CVT/CVCOIN ERC20 assets.

Exchange gateway CVN — to — CVT: Will be stopped/Affected
Exchange gateway CVT — to — CVN: Will be stopped/Affected
Exchange gateway CVN BTS- to — CVCOIN ERC20: Will be stopped/Affected
Exchange gateway CVCOIN ERC20 — to — CVN BTS: Will be stopped/Affected

CVN/CVT/CVCOIN ERC20 user assets safety on Bitshares Platform: Safe/Not affected
User action required: No

Trading/Deposit/Withdraw operations in:

Bitshares DEX/Sistemkoin/HitBTS: NOT AFFECTED
Huobi Global, Cointiger: NOT AFFECTED

Please stay turned for the further notices about resuming exchange operation between CVN/CVT/CVCOIN ERC20 assets.

We thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconveniences!

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