The Year To Get Serious About The Security of your Instant Messenger

Dateline, January 30th 2020:

TikTok Is A Pedophile Magnet And UnSafe For Kids, Warns Cyber Security

UN says officials barred from using Whatsapp over security concerns

Dateline, January 24th 2020:

UNITED NATIONS — United Nation officials do not use WhatsApp to communicate because “it’s not supported as a secure mechanism,” a UN spokesman said Thursday after UN experts accused Saudi Arabia of using the online communications platform to hack the phone of Amazon chief executive and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos.

Dateline February 3rd 2020:

Encryption Ban in United States Threats Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal and Threema

The U.S. politicians lead by Lindsey Graham invented a scheme of the end-to-end encryption ban by covering it with ‘child porn’ fears. The popular messengers are under a threat now.

Companies like Apple, Google and Telegram could soon face anti-encryption demands from the government.

We have all heard these types of stories before, hacks, backdoors, the end of end to end encryption (which, by the way, truly isn’t as safe as you think it is) the end of your privacy and security in regards to your instant messenger of choice.

Companies around the world have stopped using these free Instant Messengers, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and the likes for internal and external communications. In some countries within the EU they are outright Banned for use in the Public Sector, such as Schools, Local Governments, and even some Private owned companies ban their employees from using them due to the new stringent Data Protection Laws within the EU and, in cases such as businesses, for the fear of data leakage and hacks.

It is a fact that within Germany the use of WhatsApp for schools, teachers communicating with their students, the PTA communicating with the school, have been outright deemed Illegal, and is punishable by enforcing huge monetary fines.

This is not just an E.U issue, this is a far reaching problem, for if the U.S does indeed pass its anti encryption law, (THE EARN IT ACT) forcing companies to implement backdoors then we are all at risk. And given the state of the country with its current leadership and the current make-up of Congress, this outcome is highly possible.

It is time we ween ourselves off of this socialized form of instant communication, for we all know, deep down, nothing is for free.

Companies are at extreme risk when using services such as Skype or Google Hang Outs, or Zoom to run video conferencing. All of the above mentioned do not offer any form of encryption and when it comes to Skype, all data is sent to Microsofts servers. Google Hangouts are definitely a no no for any type of confidential communications. Zoom also leaves a lot to be desired in the area of Privacy and Security.

In aspects of Instant Messaging, well, companies have a few options, not many but a few.

Slack: Never use Slack to share secrets such as passwords, sensitive customer data, or valuable corporate IP. Anything highly confidential should be kept off the platform. $7.50 per month

Skype Business: All communications travel through Microsoft Servers, which can be Read, Seen, Heard, and stored. $2.00 per month.

WeChatWork: WeChatWork stores all communications, shares said communications with authorities, stores all personal information, no form of encryption whatsoever. $50.00 per year for up to 5 accounts.

Skyeec: Requires a special phone and Sim card, runs on a Decentralised Network, implements 521 bit elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman cryptography, extremely secure. $600.00 per phone for 3 months.

Crypviser Secure Messenger: Blockchain Authentication, Decentralized Network, DPKI, No man in the middle attacks, Elliptic Curve Cryptology, SALSA 20/20, SHA 3 512 Hash, extremely secure. $3.58 per month.

Looking at the above listed products there are only 2 which are a real viable option for businesses today. Skyeec and Crypviser. Between those 2 Crypviser is the most realistic for medium to large sized companies or Organizations .

What Crypviser, in its current state is lacking, is a complete set of business tools. Such as Groups, Screen Sharing, Data Storage, Shared Calendars, and other Team Collaboration tools. However this shortcoming is soon to be vanquished. Upon a very reliable source I have knowledge that all of the above listed missing puzzle pieces will be in place. However, in a much more private and secure fashion than the competitors.

Groups: Crypviser will be the first on the market to release Decentralized Encrypted Groups.

Screen Sharing: Crypviser will also be releasing its Encrypted Screen Sharing function, secured with its Crypviser Secure Messaging Protocol and authorized through a DUA model.

Team Collaboration Tools: They will also release a Group collaboration tool set, which will provide numerous features, including shared calendar, project/task management, shared file storage, document and file creation and more.

White Label Solutions: What makes Crypviser truly stand out, other than their security and privacy model, is the ability for Companies to create their own White Label Solution. Instead of a One Size Fits All product, they will be able to customize the product to fit their needs.

As it stands right now the Crypviser Secure Messenger is the most Private and Secure Messenger on the market.

In the future, Crypviser will be the most Private and Secure Business tool on the market.

Crypviser has already started designing White Label Solutions for small to medium sized businesses who require a serious level of Privacy and Security. To get in touch with them just write to:




The most secure social and business communication platform on blockchain

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Crypviser Blog

The most secure social and business communication platform on blockchain

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