Crypviser Secure Messenger offers people the most Private and Secure form of instant communication.

Using the highest levels of encryption and anonymity, whatever you say, send, or write, is protected from unwanted eyes.

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It starts with groundbreaking technology never seen before. Crypviser has developed the first ever Blockchain Public Key Exchange, in doing so they have eliminated the possibilities of Man in the Middle attacks, a dangerous hole in the encryption process. For no matter how strong your encryption is, if someone has a copy of your key they can read everything you send.

Using a blockchain for this process has solved this issue, making Crypviser Secure Messenger the most secure messenger on the market.

There is no connection between your mobile number and the messenger. No connection between your email address and the messenger. No connection between your name and the messenger. All verification and authentication is done via blockchain offering you a true anonymous messenger.

We collect not One Piece of personal information on our users. We have chosen a more transparent business model, by selling our messenger to you, instead of selling your personal information to others.


Crypvser Secure Messenger is packed with security, privacy and other useful features.

We offer the user the possibility to send self destructing messages, which deletes a message sent on both the receivers and senders side.

There is also the option to control how someone uses your message with Forward controls, screen shot controls and more.

An option which we do not offer is the possibilty to turn off the end to end encryption. For us security is not an option it is a prerequisite, everything is encrypted all the time, every time.

Decentralized Network

Crypviser runs on the Crypviser Network, an open source network with nodes spread throughout the globe offering customers the possibility to send and receive messages, data, calls, even within some areas which block the use of other messengers. For people traveling on business or just a vacation, this will ensure that they are still be reachable, they will still be able to communicate in a secure and private fashion.

For those who are looking for a real private and secure form of instant communication Crypviser Secure Messenger is the leader.

Developed by a Cyber Security company which has always put security in the forefront not as an afterthought it is the obvious choice, and at less than the price of a good cup of coffee a month we have made it affordable for everyone.

To learn more about Crypviser Secure Messenger visit our webpage at:

Download Crypviser Secure Messenger for IOS or Android:

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