The new Crypviser Dev Plan Q3'2018

We are pleased to introduce the new Crypviser dev plan for Q3'2018.

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In July 2018 we have scheduled two major events,

Android Release of the Crypviser App

The first Android Beta Release of Crypviser Secure Messaging App on 20th July 2018. The full — featured beta version will be FREE for use until it’s official release.

You can watch below what Crypviser lead Android developer said about the app release

Public Crypviser Network Nodes

Crypviser Network Nodes will become publicly available in open source on GitHub.

There are two types of nodes in the Crypviser Network,

Witness Node — is a block producer node for Crypviser Network.

The main purpose of the witnesses is to collect transactions, bundle them into a block, sign the block, verify and broadcast it to the network. They are essentially the block producers for the underlying consensus mechanism.

For each successfully constructed block, a witness is paid in CVT from reserves pool at a rate that is defined in the Crypviser Network.

How to become a Witness?

The number of Witness Nodes (block producers) in the Crypviser Network is limited.

The priority to run a witness node will be given to the CVcoin Foundation members.

To become a witness of the Crypviser Network the applicant should hold 50.000 CVN on the account.

Crypviser Community members should hold at least 25.000 CVN

A Community Member is a person who has been holding any amount of CVN as of 1st July 2018.

Registration Node / Access Point — it’s a public node which is used to register new Crypviser accounts and provide access to the Crypviser Network.

The number of these nodes are unlimited and play an important role for Crypviser eco — system.

The Crypviser App registers new user accounts and accesses the Crypviser Network through such nodes.

It’s crucial to have Registration/Access point nodes in different countries to ensure a fast, reliable and unblockable access to the Crypviser Network.

The setup and registration of these nodes is free.

The registration/access point node is getting rewarded from the monthly subscription of new registered users in CVT.

More detailed instructions and guidelines of running and maintenance the Crypviser Nodes will be published this month.

Backend Development

Development of the Crypviser Network backend will start in July 2018 to provide Web registration and account management services.

Decentralized Encrypted Channels

The first decentralized encrypted channels will be introduced in August 2018 for secure group chats within the Crypviser App.

Acceptance of FIAT currencies

The In — App Purchase module is scheduled to be integrated in the Crypviser App to enable acceptance of fiat (cash) payment methods through App Stores.

Commercial Start

The full commercial start and enabling subscriptions is planned in September 2018. In September 2018 we expect the official Android release and iOS version for the tablets (Apple iPad)

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