The Most Private and Secure Messenger, Period

We ain’t just whistling dixie here.

A new Instant messenger has arrived, and just in time.

Crypviser Secure Messenger is the worlds most Secure and Private messenger to date, hands down.

We do not offer a “Secret Chat” option, everything is encrypted all the time every time. Every call you make, every chat you send, every file you transfer, everything is encrypted. There is no option to turn this encryption off, for in todays world it is a requirement, not an option.

We do not play games when it comes to your security and privacy. We firmly believe everyone on the planet has the right to privacy, and that this should not be an extra added feature that one must activate.

We have taken security to the next level by developing the first Blockchain Public Key Exchange, ensuring no possibilities of man in the middle attacks.

Our network is open source, ran by a network of nodes spread across the globe, this gives our customers the distinct advantage of assured functionality even in countries which tend to Block other messengers.

Not One Piece of personal information is collected.

There is no need for your Mobile Number, there is no need for your e-mail address, there is no need for your name. We believe that the best way to protect your data is not Not Collect it in the first place.

Given the way that the majority of other Free Instant Messengers work, by collecting your personal information and then selling it off to data farms, we have chosen an Honest and Transparent business approach, we sell our messenger to you.


Screenshot Control: With Screenshot control users can choose to receive notifications if a screenshot is taken of their chats or they can disable screenshots being taken of their chats.

Forward Control: If you don’t want your messages to be forwarded then simply use Forward Control to disable message forwarding. Users also have the option to receive notifications if a message has been forwarded. The applies to chats being copied as well. In addition to these features comes also the ability to withhold your user name as the author of a forwarded message.

Hide Chat: This gives the user the ability to completely hide all conversations with a contact. Unlike other messengers which shows in order, the recent conversations a user has had, Hide Chat hides this information, showing no conversations have been going on at all.

Lock Chat: This feature completely locks the ability for anyone to look at the users chats with certain contacts. Each Lock Chat is setup with a user created password, a unique password for each and every contact that one would like to lock.

Self Destructing Messages:This feature allows the messages that you send to Self Destruct after the receiver reads them. The sender has the option of deciding how much time the message will be viewable, anywhere from 5 seconds to 48 hours. These messages are destroyed on both ends, sender and receiver.

Privacy Control: You are given the option whether or not to show that you are typing a message or recording a voice message, you also have control over allowing or disallowing the show read receipt checkmarks to your contacts.

Encryption: Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Stream Symmetric Cipher, SALSA 20/20, SHA3–512 Hash, are all reliable technologies which are under the hood of Crypvisers Secure Messenger. Combined with Blockchain Authentication, Crypviser has given everyone a level of Security that had never been available in a mobile messaging app.

Download and register now and receive a full featured free trial of the worlds most secure messenger. After the free trial you can choose from a range of low cost subscription plans. It’s about the price of a good cup of coffee a month.

Crypviser Secure Messenger

Secure Private Messaging for Everyone

To learn more about Crypviser Secure Messenger visit.



The most secure social and business communication platform on blockchain

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