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2 min readMar 18, 2022


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Dear Crypviser Community and CVNX Holders,

With the listing of CVNX on the Huobi exchange, we are honored to announce the completion of all CVNX Transformation Plan milestones. Even though it was a difficult and long journey, which took a whole year, now we look confidently into a bright future with full hopes.

So, what is coming next soon?

CVN BTS/CVCOIN ERC20 and CVT swap deadline

Upon completion of the CVNX transformation plan, the deadline for the CVN BTS/CVCOIN ERC20 and CVT token swap in the CVNX dApp is set to April 01, 2022.
Please note that after April 01, 2022, CVN BTS/CVCOIN ERC20 and CVT swap requests will not be accepted!

You can apply for CVN BTS/CVT, and CVCOIN ERC20 automatically swap in the CVNX dApp until April 01, 2022.
All existing swap orders will be processed according to the terms & conditions!

Airdrop to CVNX holders for manual swap

As previously announced, Crypviser will compensate ETH and CVCOIN ERC20 transaction costs to the holders, who have manually performed a swap to the CVNX.
Tomorrow, March 19, 2022, 500 CVNX and $200 in ETH will be sent to the addresses of owners who have made a manual swap through the CVNX dApp.

CVNX Ticker and Token Info update on CMC & Coingecko

CVNX ticker and token info update requests have been submitted to the Coinmarketcap and Coingecko crypto trackers, however, it may take a particular time according to their policies.
We are continuously following up on the progress and will notify you once the update is done.

CVNX Marketing & Promo

We have scheduled different crypto marketing and promo campaigns for CVNX. Some of them are currently active (e.g., the ongoing Telegram campaign to attract new members in the CVNX Official Group). However, most of them will be launched after the new CVNX listing update on the CMC & Coingecko crypto trackers.

Crypviser Development Roadmap

Crypviser team is intensively handling the development milestones and showing good progress according to the published Roadmap, however, some deliveries scheduled for March 2022 (e.g., Staking options) might be slightly postponed in April 2022 due to the global crisis and unlucky military combat operations in East Europe.
Crypviser has a decentralized and international development team from the beginning, with development offices located in Germany and East Europe.
In the actual situation, the Roadmap deadlines might be slightly adjusted due to the rescheduling tasks and development activities from remote branches to Germany.

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