The 2nd CVN Foundation Board Meeting

Dear CVCOIN and Crypviser community

The 2nd CVN Foundation meeting will be held online tomorrow, 12th December 2020 at 13.00 CET.
The Foundation board members will be discussing the most actual and challenging topics, also reviewing the first CVN tokenomic transformation draft.

Here you can see the full Meeting agenda

1.) Disclosing inside details about CVN ERC20 exchange and clearing the fog of thousand speculation and rumours around.

2.) Discussing the CVN ERC20 swap options and terms in the scope of CVN transformation plan.

3.) Introducing a draft of CVN tokenomic transformation plan. Crypviser business model RELOAD and integration with the latest trends DeFi, DAO.

4.) Disclosing Crypviser financial and accounting reports of the past years.

5.) Presenting the actual financial situation, funding sources and projection for the next year.

6.) Interactive Development Map. A new approach to prioritize and support Crypviser features and technology development.

7.) Summarised foundation members speeches and sharing feedbacks over the discussed topics.

8.) Q&A session

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