Sunday thoughts and comments about Crypviser, issues, community and plans (by the founder CEO/CTO Vadim Andryan)

I regret to see that our direct communication policy has been failed. Despite the recent update of all issues, some of members rolled down from the general project interests to discuss their personal wishlist.

We all here have different minds and thinking how it should go on, but we have to protect and follow the common strategy and development plan.

Again there are unwanted provocations and disinformation. I have now very limited time to start massive discussions, but let me figure out and comment the major points and hope to calm down of this wave of worries.

1. I officially notice, that there are no any deals or hidden agreements with OpenLedger or Ronny Boesing regarding the exchange. I have explained many times in publications and posts the reasons why we have chosen Bitshares platform for our project. I’d pay your attention again, that according to our Whitepaper CVCoin is not just a “trading” token. It’s a security token technically related to the product and having special requirements. The concept of Crypviser technologies designed for the secure, reliable and fast products. And in this scope fully Bitshares matches our technical requirements. Please do not try to find out any ‘conspiracy theory’, there is no one.

2. Crypviser acts only on benefit of its community, not for third persons and/or companies. In this case we accept all reasonable criticism and concerns regarding our activity and plans. I think this is the main point of the communication should be. We are here to answer all your reasonable questions and disperse all unwanted and related worries. Therefore please note, we are not going to spend time for answering to any meaningless and false posts. We have started better moderation since the last week, i.e. all spam, fake concerns and destructive messages will be deleted and authors banned without any further notice.

3. You were asking for honest and fair updates, but it doesn’t seem some members are ready to accept them, unless they match their expectations.

According to this wave of claims, we have figured out just few issues.

1) “There are no big exchanges, where can I trade”

2) “There are some delays with development and updates”

Yes, we accept and fully recognize our responsibility for these issues, especially with exchanges.

And now let me give some explanation and how we are going to fix it. The main thing is some collision of our priorities. We have different categories of investors:

1) Investors who funded the project for long term because of huge potential and demand, real technologies in behind and prospective, strong team.

2) Traders and speculators, who bought CVCoin only for gaining short term profit and trading purposes.

3) Product users.

There are three different groups with no common contact points. We have been trying to satisfy all these categories in appropriate timeframe simultaneously. I do not argue and since we are talking about it now, we were not able to achieve this target yet, but just need more time for company development to become more and more efficient step — by — step. It’s not about only money, It’s about more important resources, such as expanding our team and community, which will allow us to become more effective and better. So, to fix the ‘delay’ factor in the future and strictly follow the updated development time, we need first to manage and bring the company to appropriate development level.

Please just give us some more time, we almost finished internal processes regulations and now all things will go faster. Regarding the most concern, lack of better exchanges — yes, we see now how it’s important and could negatively affect to community sentiment and expectations.

We have been focused on the product development and you already see successful cases from independent community testers. Crypviser team accept that we did not show sufficient efforts for listing on exchanges and starting from September 4 will focus on it and keep you updated accordingly through the Public Affiliates. Still there is a reason behind that as well.

However, in my opinion these issues are not a reason for attacking us and aggressive behavior. It’s only 2 months passed after ICO’s over. We have done a lot of tasks, we allowed to claim and recover tokens who missed the distribution. The official support of CVCoin has been started and raised at least 200% during the last month. The Alpha release was introduced to public testers. We delayed the distribution, because we get a chance to make it better.

I hope this update at this time will satisfy everyone and take back to the right communication way without stress. To finish this conversation for now, I would attract your attention to the last important statement. There is only 1 truth, regardless any matters, we are trying to keep Crypviser as one of the transparent clear and straight companies. Crypviser & CVCoin has a great future and already successful.

This is our common company, so please help us to keep it going on and avoid any unreasonable claims and concerns. Otherwise we will be forced to fight all kinds of destructive attempts to annoy communities.

On behalf of Crypviser team I appreciate the support and understanding of the majority of our community. We will do our best to payback enough for your efforts, patience and loyalty to some mistakes or delays committed as a result of development such huge project.

Thank you for attention and hope to turn on positive on all channels.



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