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Dear Crypviser Community and Followers,
As you are aware, Crypviser participated, and was widely presented in the Global Graphene DevConf in Shanghai China.
Crypviser team members were excited to meet Graphene/Bitshares core developers and community members in very friendly and productive atmosphere.
Sergey Sidorov, responsible for public relations, on the first day disclosed the importance of secure communication and trading based on blockchain, and how the Crypviser solution implemented with the Graphene core provided the highest level of security for instant communication.
You can watch the recorded video stream of the Sergey Sidorov’s speech by clicking here:

Vadim Andryan, the CEO/CTO of Crypviser had an interesting dialog during the tech discussion panel and proudly announced that Crypviser is first to seriously improve the security model of Graphene based nodes in the Crypviser Network.

At the Crypviser stand, located in a central position, Manuel Schuetz introduced the Crypviser Secure Messenger to visitors as the most secure and unblockable solution which works in China. Many visitors from China were able to install and enjoy the Crypviser Messanger already available on Apple AppStore.

The Global DevConf event was very productive. Along with the scheduled activities Crypviser also achieved the following targets.

- Signed a contract to deploy the first WhiteLabel solution of our secure messaging app
- Deployed an agreement with the local representatives to establish and develop a Chinese Crypviser Community. This measure will allow the rapid growth by localising and introducing Crypviser on the Chinese market in a familiar customary way.

We welcome you to view some photos of the event in the attached album.

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