Setting The Record Straight

It only takes two.

Within the Instant Messaging market there are many options to choose from. Though they all offer the same services and features.

Chats, Calls, Video, Photo sharing, Location sharing, and a barrage of others. Granted there are some out there that tend to sway to one side or the other, such as offering Hip, Cool features to attract younger users or offering more security features to attract people who are more concerned with keeping their communications private. But again we come back to the same old thing, all taken from the same mold.

New paint on an old car.

This is where Crypviser is different.

There are two major differences which separates Crypviser Secure Messenger from the rest.

These two differences are what propels Crypviser to the head of the pack.

  1. Blockchain Authentication:

Crypviser GmbH has developed Blockchain Authentication, hereby eliminating Man in the Middle Attacks. Whereas others continue to pile on more security, and encryption on an age old problem, Crypviser went back to the beginning, looked at the issues with Asymmetric Encryption, and solved them with Blockchain.

No matter how much encryption you have on something, if you have been a victim of a Man in the Middle attack no amount of encryption will help. Crypviser has solved this issue, and incorporated it into their messenger.

2. Decentralization:

Crypviser Secure Messenger runs on the Crypviser Network, an open source publicly ran network with nodes spread across the globe. These nodes, located in different countries, ensure the communications continue to get through, ensure multiple access points into the network. If one is shut down or blocked the others continue to operate. This will ensure peoples communications are not hindered or stopped by anyone.

Case in point: Whereas China has all but totally blocked WhatsApp, Facebooks Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more, Crypviser Secure Messenger operates.

Where in Iran, blocking the messaging apps WhatsApp, Viber, and Tango are common place, Crypviser Secure Messenger operates.

The list goes on and on.

These two points make the Crypviser Secure Messenger the most powerful communications tool to date. Un-Blockable, Unstoppable, No Man in the Middle Attacks.

These two points are enough to shake the foundation of central rule, to send tremors of doubt and uncertainty into the spines of those who wish to quell the voices of those under them.

Crypviser Secure Messenger has given the people, all people, the best weapon of defence against censorship.

For we believe that everyone on the planet has the right to free speech and the right to privacy.

To find out more about Crypviser Secure Messenger go to:

You can also reach Mark Aaron Babbitt, Crypvisers CCO for more detailed and technical information at:

Crypviser Secure Messenger

Secure Private Messaging for Everyone

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