Hello all community members, we are back from the Security of Things World event in Berlin.
This event was joined by companies such as Bosch, BMW, Phillips Patient Care, Dekra, Bayer and many many more. The focus of the event was Cyber Security, particular in the filed of IoT devices. CEO Vadim Andryan and CCO Mark Babbitt were able to speak to numerous decision makers of TOP level industrial companies from their respective fields about Crypviser and the possibilities it has to solve current issues in the world of cybersecurity.

Everyone was focusing on adding more layers of security on top of a inherently flawed principle, that of asymmetric cryptography, the Man in The Middle Attacks. Instead of offering any new solutions to fill the holes which have been in place since its birth, the focus was on trying to offer more security to it.

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We had the vision of an automobile. Applying new paint, fancy wheels, a booming exhaust system, new leather interior, glass shattering sound system, all the bells and whistles but disregarding the oil leaking, value knocking, smoke spewing, engine.

After speaking with numerous professionals we came to the consensus that, there was no solution for this problem. There were no “patches” no new developments that could remedy the situation. It is just something that is, the way it is, the best of what we have.

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Then Mark Babbitt talked about Crypviser.
How we have solved this issue by using a blockchain. Many of them were unfamiliar with blockchain, though after some time they saw the big picture.

“A Mr. Marcin Jekot, the Associate Director in Technology Risk Management for UBS personally came up to me to congratulate Crypviser on this new Technology” — said Mr. Babbitt

Vadim Andryan had a productive discussion with the Business Development Manager of Exceet Secure Solutions, a company located in Düsseldorf which provides security hardware. The two talked about the possibilities of incorporating the CSMP into their hardware devices.

Mark had a lengthy discussion with a Senior Scientist in the Team of Identity Management at Fraunhofer IAO / IAT based in Stuttgart. Given the fact that Crypviser has the ultimate solution for identity management this connection could have prosperous tidings.

All in all it was a great opportunity to be able to meet with high ranking officials within the industry and introduce them to Crypviser.

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