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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

Communication for professionals varies greatly. More often than not in large companies communications crosses borders, seas, and oceans.

In today’s world your business partner or client could be situated in a different building, or city, or even in another country. Yet being able to reach that person is essential, and even though E-Mail is still the business communication tool of choice, that is changing.

E-mail still tends to be a more formal way of communicating at work, however once the initial contact is established people prefer to find a more convenient medium to keep in touch with their business partner in a quicker more accessible way.

Thus we enter into the world of Instant Messaging. Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, etc.

All of these Instant Messengers give one the ability to contact one’s business contacts quickly from anywhere, no PC or Laptop is required. They allow data transfer (limited in all cases) offer the possibility to have video conference calls (the majority of these are unencrypted) and what’s really advantageous is the ability to call your business contacts who are perhaps in another country and bypass the fees for making long distance calls, this alone can save the company money on overhead telecommunication costs. So why aren’t more companies using Instant Messengers for business purposes?

Lack Of Security.

All of the above Instant Messengers lack the security needed for business purposes. They are also poorly configured to handle the needs of Privacy which all businesses require in their communications.

All of the above offer end to end encryption, which is based on 40 year old technology.

None of them have a safeguard for man in the middle attacks, something which in business communications is essential.

The biggest issue is that all of these mentioned Instant Messengers are for “FREE”.

Why would we point that out? Simple, ask yourself the question:

“How do these companies make their money?”

None of these messengers place advertisements. They make their money by selling off your and your employees information, monetizing the information they collect, and this is a definite no no in any business which would like to keep their communications secure and private. If you are using any of the “FREE” Instant Messengers for business, and care about security and privacy, STOP.

The Alternatives.

We have all figured out that these “FREE” instant messengers lack the security and privacy needed for business use. However there are some alternatives out there.

Slack: Offers a rich set of features with a desktop client synced to your mobile device. Groups, video and audio calls between two people, but not for groups. Costs about $80.00 a year per person.

Privacy and Security: Requires email address, phone number, name, and password for initial setup. Credit card information, banking information and billing address. Can share information with 3rd Parties. “We may engage third party companies or individuals as service providers or business partners to process Other Information and support our business.” No end to end encryption.

Twist: Good for conversations within organizations. Excellent time-off feature. Helpful inbox collects unread messages across channels. Solid editing tools. Reasonable price, $5.00 per month, per user. No audio or video calls.

Privacy and Security: Requires email address, name, bank information, Tax ID number, and billing address. All user data­­ including channel names, threads, comments, uploaded files, account information, and payment information­­ are sent using SSL/HTTPS secure channels. “We may disclose aggregated and anonymous usage data for marketing and analytic purposes.”. “We will only disclose your data and information to government agencies when we are forced to fulfill legal or regulatory requirements”.

Semaphor: Free for small teams, under 5 employees. Secure messaging. Consistent, attractive design across platforms. Lacks audio or video call capabilities. $10.00 a month per user for teams of over 5 people.

Privacy and Security:We may share your information with third-party services helping us provide our products and services. Those third parties access and use the information we share with them only on our behalf. They include Stripe, PayPal, ZenDesk, and Base CRM. Please note that this Privacy Policy explains SpiderOak’s practices only, and doesn’t cover the practices of other services.”. “We encrypt files that you upload to SpiderOak servers using the AES-256 algorithm. You control your encryption keys, and SpiderOak does not have access to them.”

Workplace by Facebook: Familiar Facebook interface. Easy for new members to join. Text, audio, and video chat are supported. Inexpensive. A Premium Workplace by Facebook account starts at $3 per active user per month for the first 1,000 people.

Privacy and Security: They collect “contact information, such as full name and email address and any contact information relating to other users (such as telephone numbers or email addresses) that you choose to upload, sync or import (such as from your personal Facebook Account);communications and information that other people provide when they use the Services. This can include information about you, such as when others share or comment on a photo of you, send a message to you or upload, sync or import your contact information;the content of all communications on or through the Services;information about the people and groups you are connected to and how you interact with them, such as the people you communicate with the most or the groups you like to share with; and any other information you choose to upload, share with other users or provide to us directly through the Services”

Security is a bit hazy at this point, for the only information they share is an ISO Security Management sticker, that they follow the EU/US Privacy Shield Practices, and so on and so on, but nothing really about how they secure your data.


So while there are some alternatives out there, none of them seem to fulfil the requirements needed for Secure and Private communications for professionals. SSL/HTTPS is for sure the industry standard for transmitting data, however for professionals there should be something more.

All of these services collect quite a bit of information on the user, and some even collect information on how the employees use the service, including “any information you choose to upload”.

Good things come to those who wait.

Crypviser Secure Messenger.

Blockchain Technology, together with the highest level of encryption protocols delivered what is needed. Crypviser has packaged this together and delivered the most secure and private Instant Messenger to date. Decentralized, Blockchain Authenticated, Anonymous Instant Messenger. The security makeup of this messenger is unparalleled.

A look inside.

Crypviser: Decentralized, Anonymous Instant Messenger. Unlimited Data transfer, Self Destructing messages, HD Video and Audio Calls, clean intuitive design, uncluttered and clear.

Security and Privacy: Requires no email, no mobile number, no names, no banking information, no personal information whatsoever. All data is stored on users device, company stores or collects no personal user data whatsoever.

The best way to safeguard users data is to Not collect it in the first place.

Blockchain Authentication: The most crucial aspect of Crypvisers Secure Instant Messenger is the Blockchain Authentication Model. By setting up contacts via Blockchain, the transfer of Public Keys is authenticated by the nodes on the Blockchain. Therefore the keys cannot be altered, manipulated, or exchanged for anyone else’s via man in the middle attack. The user is assured that the person they are communicating with, is truly that person, and no one else, TRUE End to End Encryption. Crypviser is the first to implement this procedure, a real life use of Blockchain Technology, put into the hands of everyone.

Screenshot Control: With Screenshot control users can choose to receive notifications if a screenshot is taken of their chats or they can disable screenshots being taken of their chats.

Forward Control: If you don’t want your messages to be forwarded then simply use Forward Control to disable message forwarding. Users also have the option to receive notifications if a message has been forwarded. The applies to chats being copied as well. In addition to these features comes also the ability to withhold your user name as the author of a forwarded message.

The security and privacy features built into Crypviser Secure Messenger are exactly what businesses require. Highly secure, completely private.

Unlimited Data Transfer: Unlike other messengers on the market with limited data transfer, Crypvisers Secure Messenger has NO FILE SIZE LIMIT.

Encrypted, Private Chats all the time, every time:

Crypvisers core belief is everyone has the right to Security and Privacy. By default, Crypviser is setup to offer the user the most private and secure communication on the planet. There is no “Private Chat” setting the user needs to activate, for each and every chat, call, video, data transfer, are secure, encrypted and private, all the time, every time.

Hide Chat: This gives the user the ability to completely hide all conversations with a contact. Unlike other messengers which shows in order, the recent conversations a user has had, Hide Chat hides this information, showing no conversations have been going on at all.

Lock Chat: This feature completely locks the ability for anyone to look at the users chats with certain contacts. Each Lock Chat is setup with a user created password, a unique password for each and every contact that one would like to lock.

Self Destructing Messages

Self Destructing Messages:This feature allows the messages that you send to Self Destruct after the receiver reads them. The sender has the option of deciding how much time the message will be viewable, anywhere from 5 seconds to 48 hours. These messages are destroyed on both ends, sender and receiver.

Privacy Control: You are given the option whether or not to show that you are typing a message or recording a voice message, you also have control over allowing or disallowing theshow read receipt checkmarks to your contacts.

Encryption: Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Stream Symmetric Cipher, SALSA 20/20, SHA3–512 Hash, are all reliable technologies which are under the hood of Crypvisers Secure Messenger. Combined with Blockchain Authentication, Crypviser has given everyone a level of Security that had never been available in a mobile messaging app.

Crypviser has created the most secure and private instant messenger to date, the foundation has been laid, the requirements needed for secure and private communications for professionals has never been so available and affordable.

Crypviser is the worlds first decentralized, blockchain authenticated, TRUE end to end encrypted messenger makes its debut with the commercial release of Crypviser Secure Messenger for iOS and a public beta for Android.

Crypviser is currently working on the worlds first Encrypted Groups and Decentralized Censorship Free Crypviser Channels. Both will be available later this year.

Download and register now and receive a full featured free trial of the worlds most secure messenger. After the free trial you can choose from a range of low cost subscription plans

Crypviser Secure Messenger

Secure Private Messaging for Everyone

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