SCAM alert and legal notice from Crypviser

ATTENTION! IMPORTANT notice regarding the old Crypviser group in Telegram

Dear Crypviser & CVcoin communities.

This is an important and official notice to all our community members! Unfortunately, the old Crypviser group in Telegram has been compromised by suspicious persons, who abusing the Crypviser trust illegally took control over the English group (

Crypviser team has been receiving notices from some community members about security breach of their wallets and lost funds.
Please be aware, that Crypviser won’t be responsible for any losses, security and privacy breaches caused by your participation in the compromised old group at

For security reasons We STRONGLY recommend all community members to leave the old Crypviser group ( and join the new OFFICIAL group at as it was announced before.

The old ILLEGAL group is violating Crypviser copyrights and currently being investigated by Crypviser and Telegram officials.
The Telegram officials respect the EU copyrights law and provide full assistance to Crypviser for submit legal claims against persons violating Crypviser copyrights.

The old Crypviser group in Telegram ( has been marked as SCAM and will be destroyed after finishing investigation reports to take legal actions and prosecute responsible persons.

We have legal obligations to inform our community, that all your public comments, posts and generated content in the old group might be used in the legal claim against the old group owner.