Remind for CVCoin withdrawal

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Dear all, if you still have not received your CVCoin tokens, you might have not mentioned your Bitshares account name in your Crypviser personal account. In this case we have made a special form which will help you to withdraw your tokens to Bitshares platform.

In order to use it, please do following:
1) Create Bitshares account (this video instruction will help you)

2) Type the account name of your Bitshares wallet to your Crypviser personal account
3) Click on Sent to Bitshares Account
4) You will receive a confirmation letter to your email. Please confirm this operation
5) Done

The withdrawals will be made 3 times per week — Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And please, keep your keys in safe, put down your passwords and always use backups.

Crypviser team

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