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As you may have already seen, CEO and head behind Crypviser, VADIM ANDRYAN appeared in a Facebook Live Stream on November 26 to give an update about the latest progress and status of the project.

In a 30-minute Live Stream, he talked about the successes but also issues after the CVCoin ICO. Vadim mentioned important events, which the team attended but also focused on the development of the Crypviser app.

In the beginning of the stream Vadim stated, that in the five months after the ICO the team made many positive progresses regarding product and company development.

Vadim added that after the ICO the highest priority was to develop the Crypviser alpha version and list CVCoin on the world’s most secure exchange platform Openledger DEX.

Furthermore, he discussed the new development timeline and the intense work the team puts in to achieve each milestone and develop a high quality and high security product.

Vadim emphasized that international white white and black hat hacker tested the Crypviser security technology at HackIT in September this year. He was very proud to say that no critical problems were found in the security models.
You can find Information about this event in Crypviser Telegram Group or Slack Channel.

Nevertheless the viewers were reminded that until the commercial start in January Crypviser is still in the last stages of a startup, which is the reason why some delays appeared in the past months.

Crypviser focuses on flawless security, which in the past lead to delays. Vadim made clear that not even small mistakes in the security model will be forgiven and each detail has to be analyzed checked intensively.

Last but not least Vadim is very proud to say that Crypviser is on track for the commercial launch and to deliver everything he promised.

During the second part of the live stream, the community asked questions which Crypviser CEO Vadim Andryan then answered. Down here is a compilation of the most important questions:

CVCoin will be listed on HitBTC and QRYPTOS. The exact dates were not specified by both exchanges and fully depends on their internal processes.

We apologize for the delays. Crypvisers focus was at first on product development and not on listing on exchanges. We started working on listing late but now can already see great results like listing on HitBTC and QRYPTOS.

During the last few weeks me made great improvements with listing. We already shared publicly the listing of CVCoin on two top exchanges QRYPTOS and HitBTC. Exact listing dates will be shared soon.
Furthermore, we would like to inform you about listing on two additional TOP exchanges. From our side we provided all necessary information and payments but due to the NDA we are not yet allowed to make detailed public announcements about it.

Yes, there will be a Crypviser Foundation. We plan to launch it on our grand party on December 16. Trusted community members will run the foundation. If you have good ideas for the foundation and want to join it, we cordially invite you to our Grand Party to discuss your ideas with our team.

We do not have any plans on integrating it in our app. The project is very interesting but we have not yet studied its benefits in detail.

We are focused on our development plan, have many ideas on how to do that and are working hard to meet our planned dates. Please have a look at our timeline here:

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This question came up many times in our channels and we like to emphasize on it again since it reveals one of our main advantages: Since Crypviser is a decentralized platform and governments, as for example China cannot block it.

Yes, the roadmap is still valid. Instead of launching the iOS beta version at the end of November, we decided to launch it at our Grand Party in a more festive environment. We are working hard to match the timeline goals.

Our internal marketing department together with active community members, who are marketing professionals, are working on a big marketing strategy with high targets. In our opinion, this strategy will help us to achieve our estimated number of users during the next few years.

Not directly. We have a clear understanding of who our future clients will be and already have an idea on how to solve this matter. In our whitepaper, we describe in detail that CVCore, the Crypviser B2B solution can be integrated into existing government or company communication platforms.
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