Nodes, Solid Crypto, Decentralization. A Recipe For Secure , Private , And Un-Blockable Communication

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Freedom of speech unobstructed!

Crypviser supports no Political Parties or Groups.

Crypviser supports the people, those who are trying to get their messages out to the rest of the world. We believe that no central authority has the right to silence their voices. We stongly believe that everyone on the planet has the Right To Free Speech and the Right To Privacy.

We have developed the tool to ensure those rights.

In January the Cyber Security Company Crypviser launched its long awaited Secure Messenger, bringing with it a new level of Personal Cyber Security based on Blockchain Technology.

The first ever Decentralized, Blockchain Authenticated, Anonymous Messenger has re-written the rules of asymmetric encryption, closed the door on Man In The Middle Attacks, and has given people a real choice for a secure and private messenger.


In November of last year Crypviser released their nodes as open source, offering people the chance to become part of the Crypviser network. There are two nodes which people could run, a Witness Node and a Registration Node.

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The main purpose of the witness nodes are to collect transactions, bundle them into blocks, sign the blocks, and verify and broadcast them to the network. They are essentially the block producers for the underlying consensus mechanism.

The Registration Nodes — are public nodes which are used to register new Crypviser accounts and provide access to the Crypviser Network.

So whereas other messengers operating on single servers which can become Blocked or shut down in some countries, Crypvisers Secure Messenger will still be able to operate, people will still be able to communicate with each other and to the outside world.


Crypviser has solved the age old problems with Man in The Middle Attacks. Instead of adding layers upon layers of extra security on top of an inherently flawed protocol, Crypviser started from scratch using Blockchain Technology, and developed a Blockchain Authentication Model that eliminates Man In The Middle Attacks, creating a True end 2 end encryption model.

All communications are end 2 end encrypted, there is no secret chat option, everything you do, everything you send is encrypted all the time everytime. Security is not an option it is a prerequisite. Even though Crypviser Secure Messenger is the most private and secure messenger on the market it is still just as easy to use as all the others.

Encryption: Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Stream Symmetric Cipher, SALSA 20/20, SHA3–512 Hash, are all reliable technologies which are under the hood of Crypvisers Secure Messenger. Combined with Blockchain Authentication, Crypviser has given everyone a level of Security that had never been available in a mobile messaging app.

Feature Rich Secure Private Messaging

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HD Video Calls: Fully Encrypted high definition video calls.

HD Audio: Crystal clear encrypted audio calls.

Unlimited Data Transfer:Unlike other messengers on the market with limited data transfer, Crypvisers Secure Messenger has NO FILE SIZE LIMIT.

Customized Wallpapers:Allows the user to have a different custom wallpaper for each contact.

Encrypted, Private Chats all the time, every time:

Crypvisers core belief is everyone has the right to Security and Privacy. By default, Crypviser is setup to offer the user the most private and secure communication on the planet. There is no “Private Chat” setting the user needs to activate, for each and every chat, call, video, data transfer, are secure, encrypted and private, all the time, every time.

Hide Chat: This gives the user the ability to completely hide all conversations with a contact. Unlike other messengers which shows in order, the recent conversations a user has had, Hide Chat hides this information, showing no conversations have been going on at all.

Lock Chat: This feature completely locks the ability for anyone to look at the users chats with certain contacts. Each Lock Chat is setup with a user created password, a unique password for each and every contact that one would like to lock.

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Self Destructing Messages:This feature allows the messages that you send to Self Destruct after the receiver reads them. The sender has the option of deciding how much time the message will be viewable, anywhere from 5 seconds to 48 hours. These messages are destroyed on both ends, sender and receiver.

Privacy Control: You are given the option whether or not to show that you are typing a message or recording a voice message, you also have control over allowing or disallowing the show read receipt checkmarks to your contacts.

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Blockchain Authentication:The most crucial aspect of Crypvisers Secure Instant Messenger is the Blockchain Authentication Model. By setting up contacts via Blockchain, the transfer of Public Keys is authenticated by the nodes on the Blockchain. Therefore the keys cannot be altered, manipulated, or exchanged for anyone else’s via man in the middle attack. The user is assured that the person they are communicating with, is truly that person, and no one else, TRUE End to End Encryption. Crypviser is the first to implement this procedure, a real life use of Blockchain Technology, put into the hands of everyone.

Anonymous: Crypviser collects no personal information on the user. No mobile number, no e-mail address, no names. Without collecting any personal information, the user can be rest assured that Crypviser has no information to sell. Crypviser believes the best way to protect personal information is to “Not collect it in the first place.”

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Where as other free to use messengers make their money by monetizing the personal information they collect from their users, Crypviser has chosen a transparent and honest approach of generating revenues, by protecting the messaging and privacy of their users. Crypviser Secure Messenger is a subscription based app, as the company prefers to support itself by charging a low monthly fee for the use of the worlds most secure messenger.

Crypviser Secure Messenger is available now on the Apple App Store and a Free Beta Version for Android on the Google Play Store.

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To learn more about Crypviser Secure Messenger visit.

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