New Member of the Crypviser Team

Gareth Leggett — Chief Business Officer

Crypviser is happy to announce that Gareth Leggett — a leading expert in Information Security — has been appointed the company’s Chief Business Officer. Gareth is responsible for delivering the company’s commercial strategy to support its rapid growth.

Gareth is a seasoned security and privacy professional with 20 years of experience in the cyber security sector. He has held roles throughout Europe and Asia helping organisations to secure their information assets and reduce fraud. As a former Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) he has worked across across the globe helping businesses to secure their information and communication systems and protect their clients.

Gareth has worked with clients across multiple verticals which gives him an in-depth insight into the diversified needs and requirements of business from various industries. With a global perspective and experience in security, privacy and incident response, he has assisted executives at leading international companies meet their cyber security and privacy challenges and so enabling them grow their businesses.

Before joining Crypviser Gareth held senior positions at leading cyber security vendors including Verizon Business, BehavioSec, Lockheed Martin and Axent Technologies. Gareth also worked closely with smaller next generation cyber vendors in areas such as Behavioural Biometrics, AI based Fraud Detection Systems and Autonomous Device Security and is passionate about the ability of security to enable innovation and protect privacy.

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