New Director Of Software Development

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you all to our new Director of Software Development Yudhisthira Attry.

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Yudhisthira has been with Crypviser since 2018. He has vast experience in multimedia technology, consumer electronics, blockchain and cyber security. He has been involved in requirement specification, design & architecture, software implementation, large scale beta and performance monitoring. Yudhisthira also has experience in working directly with third-party vendors, customers, business partners and teams spread across the globe.

He has worked on a variety of mobile and TV platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Palm OS, and Amazon Fire.

Prior to joining Crypviser he held the technical lead and architect positions at Sling Media (DISH / ECHOSTAR) Sasken and Samsung.

He has been a constant staple at Crypviser events such as in Brazil, Berlin, and many others, offering his expertise to answer the numerous questions asked by visitors at the Crypviser Stand.

Please join us in welcoming him to his new position.

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