Look out Brazil, Here Comes Crypviser!

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Within Latin America, look for Brazil to be the cryptocurrency ringleader both on the regulatory side and on the development side. As it now stands, more people are opening cryptocurrency trading accounts in Brazil than traditional brokerage accounts.

Brazillians State Sponsored communications surveillance programs have also been ramped up as of late, for instance, recent legislative changes have provided less protection for account information since such information was perceived as less privacy-sensitive. In practical terms, these legal changes were made to facilitate authorities in obtaining such information simply by requesting it, without the need of a court order.

Put the two together and you can see why Crypviser is heading to Brazil.

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Held in the great city of São Paulo, in one of the largest and most modern event centers in the city, the BlockCrypto Conference will be the largest conference covering blockchain and cryptoeconomics ever held in the country. Crypvisers CCO will be holding a presentation about Crypviser and its Token CVcoin/CVN. Crypviser will also have a presence at the event, bringing with them the Head Android Developer, CEO/CTO and more. This will be a great oppurtunity to spread the news about Crypviser and its Token to South America, an area of the world which is ripe for Cryptocurrency and Private Secure communications.

Crypvisers CCO will be giving a 30 minute presentation about the advantages that Crypviser has over the most popular used messaging apps in Brazil, and the fact that “You can do no better in the area of Privacy and Security than with Crypviser”.

Crypviser with its secure Cryptowallet will assuredly make a big splash.

The event will take place on the 25th and 26th of September. Be sure to check for updates following this event.

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