Giving Privacy and Security Back to People

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In a time when everything we do, everything we say, everything we post has become open to the public, Crypviser has given the people a chance to reclaim what has been lost in the field of private communication, their privacy.

Crypviser Secure Messenger the flagship product of Crypviser GmbH, a Cyber Security Company based in Germany, has married cutting edge technologies, blockchain and decentralization. By implementing Blockchain Technology Crypviser has rewritten the rules of encryption, the first company to offer true, real, end-to-end encryption.

Blockchain Authentication: The most crucial aspect of Crypvisers Secure Instant Messenger is the Blockchain Authentication Model.

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By setting up contacts via Blockchain, the transfer of Public Keys is authenticated by the nodes on the Blockchain. Therefore the keys cannot be altered, manipulated, or exchanged for anyone else’s via man in the middle attack. The user is assured that the person they are communicating with, is truly that person, and no one else, TRUE End to End Encryption. Crypviser is the first to implement this procedure, a real life use of Blockchain Technology, put into the hands of everyone.

Crypviser has eliminated the possibilities of man in the middle attacks which has always been the shortcoming of asymmetric encryption. While other companies still use 1970s Technology, Crypviser is breaking all barriers, heading into new territory, they are the trail blazers of a new encryption model, and a secure and private communication platform.

By implementing decentralization, and offering their network as open source, people from around the world are able to operate and run nodes, becoming part of the Crypviser Secure Network, ensuring that communications will continue to get through. This has been a weak point of other instant messengers trying to operate within borders where the government in charge blocks the use of such apps, or shuts down the access point to such Messengers.

In being decentralised there is no central access point which can be shut down or blocked, if one node is blocked than the other nodes will carry the weight and continue to operate ensuring people’s access to the network, ensuring that people’s voices will be heard.

2019 The Year of Private Communications.

Starting right now, you do have a choice.

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There is a Secure Private Instant Messenger that collects NO Personal Information on you whatsoever.

No Phone Number.

No Email Address.

No Names.

No Access to your Contact List.

Personal Data Has Become Todays Gold.

Information has become a commodity in today’s world. The attacks of sensitive data of German politicians just a few days ago reveals that everyone, and everybody is a target. Government officials which have unlimited funds to secure their communications, albeit using 1970s technology, are at risk from a hackers, exposing personal, private, and sometimes confidential information.

The instant messengers which are being used for communication are not as secure as advertised, not as private an advertised, and the secret chats which they claim to have are not so secret afterall.

It is a mistake for people to think that “I have nothing to hide”, or “Why would someone want to look at my messages, I am not a politician.”

Private information can be used for very nefarious reasons, photos sent to friends, messages sent to your children, work related information, all of this data can be used by a hacker, either to be sold on the Dark Web or used directly.

In a world of increasing surveillance, security threats and personal data gathering privacy is under threat and where personal information has become a commodity. Crypviser Secure Messenger allows everyone to benefit from the highest levels of security, and ultimate level of privacy.

Crypviser Secure Messenger

Secure Private Messaging for Everyone

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