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Introducing the Crypviser HelpDesk System

We are launching the Crypviser HelpDesk for users of all levels, new and advanced. The HelpDesk will be full of technical guides, FAQ, Videos on how to get the most out of the Crypviser Secure Messenger, a community forum and more.


To get technical support or assistance with any inquiries, you can now create a ticket easily by clicking “Submit a request”.

If you Sign Up to the Helpdesk system you will be able to trace the status of your ticket, and communicate directly with the Crypviser Support team.

It’s also possible to create a ticket through Email, just send a request to

You can send a request in the officially supported languages, English, German and Russian.


In the Community section available at you are welcome to discuss different topics about the Crypviser Apps, Crypviser Nodes, request a new feature and other topics.
To start a discussion just make a new post and follow the topic.

The most interesting topics and feature requests will be promoted and rewarded by CVN Foundation!

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