“I saw Bitcoin and Ethereum rushing back and forth within the Chaos. They dipped and dived, then they dropped, like dead flies.”

In the world of Cryptocurrency we have seen a bombastic fall, a death defying plunge to a bottomless hole of destituteness. We are not just referring to the fall of the big three, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, but to all the countless other Altcoins out there.

Is it a ploy, or a devious plan concocted by a few conspiring individuals holed up in some cave in a far away land preparing to take over the world?

Or, could it be that people are just wising up.

The major majority of these Altcoins are nothing but fuel for Blockchain Based Projects, which in turn are using the hype behind “Blockchain” to fill their pockets and, well, run.


Ohh and so many many more. It is about time these projects, and their related Cryptocurrency goes the way of the dinosaurs. Though does this mark the end?

What gives a crypto its value?

In the past it was based on a few different variables. Acceptance, speed of transactions, cost of transactions and anonymity. The rising cost of transaction fees and sluggish transaction times of Bitcoin gave rise to other cryptos, others which were cheaper to send and faster. After that, well, that’s it.

Then we had cryptos based on technology, to where the cryptos value was based upon the technology it was written upon or the future use of said technology, hence Ripple or Tron. However such aspirations of each project have yet to be realized and the future of completion is, lets just say, up in the air.

Since most cryptos are basically the same in their conditions, what gives one value over the other? As mentioned above acceptance is a major factor, if no one is interested in taking such crypto, then no matter how wonderful, priceless, or rare it is, it’s useless.

This one point has been preached again and again, the ONLY cryptocurrencies which have a future will be those connected to a Real World Tangible Asset, a product. A product that is needed, wanted and valued.

Real Use of Blockchain Technology.

As previously stated a lot of companies, startups, chant the words “Blockchain” to attract attention to their product or idea, to ride the wave of the blockchain hype. Crypviser however has taken that hype and turned it into reality. Crypviser had first planned to build their Secure Messenger on the Ethereum Blockchain, though given the requirements of an INSTANT messenger they discovered that the Ethereum Blockchain was anything BUT instant. Lag time in registering new accounts, let alone the blockchain verification of messages sent was unacceptable. Crypviser turned to the Bitshares Network and heavily adapted the Graphene Blockchain to fulfil the requirements needed. The speed of the Graphene Blockchain was ample, over 100,000 TPS, and still has the ability to grow.

Enter Crypviser/CVN

The world’s first Decentralized, Blockchain Authenticated, Anonymous Secure Private Messenger. The company that has eliminated the possibilities of man in the middle attacks, created Automated Encryption (*patent pending), the ONLY instant messenger that offers TRUE end to end encryption, and all of this can be paid for using traditional Fiat currencies or Crypvisers cryptocurrency — CVN.

Yes, pay for.

Crypviser Secure Messenger is a subscription based app, circumventing the model of collecting users data and then in turn selling users data, Crypviser prefers to sustain itself by selling the most secure instant messenger on the planet.

Crypviser Secure Messenger is Decentralized, no single server to Block or turn off, no central point of attack. In fact Crypviser just released their nodes as open source so people can join in the network, creating a virtually un-blockable communications network. A Secure Instant Messenger with the ability to be used globally, how is that for value?

To obtain the maximum level of anonymity the user can pay for the Crypviser Secure Messenger by using CVN. The currency is anonymous as is the Messenger. Users can also pay for the app using traditional Fiat currencies.

Upon opening the App for the first time the user creates his or her username, (CrypID), no personal information is asked for nor wanted. No mobile number, no email address, no names, all authentication is done over a Blockchain.

By paying with CVN, Crypvisers Cryptocurrency, you obtain the maximum level of anonymity, for the Cryptocurrency, upon being bought on a Decentralized Anonymous Exchange such as Openledger, is anonymous to begin with.

Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet

Crypviser Secure Messenger also built a cryptocurrency wallet within the app. Upon creating your Crypviser ID, you simultaneously create a duplicate anonymous account on Openledger, a decentralized exchange. This process is done for every Crypviser user. Therefore sending cryptocurrency to a contact, within the Crypviser Secure Messenger, is as simple as sending one of your contacts a photo. No longer do you need to copy and paste the long string of characters which represents someone wallet, their wallet is their Crypviser ID. We all know the dangers of storing cryptocurrency on exchanges, we have all heard the stories. Now you are able to store your CVN Offline, in the cold wallet within Crypvsier Secure Messenger.

More cryptocurrencies will be added to the wallet in the future, giving you the possibilities to store multiple cryptocurrencies within the app, safely and securely.

Poised to Strike.

Crypiser Secure Messenger is going commercial in December.

It is positioned to take the lead in the Instant Messenger market, surpassing competitors with 1970’s Encryption Models, Limited Data Transfers, Security as an afterthought mindset, and Personal Information Pimps. Early adopters of Crypviser Secure Messenger will be granted some very enticing pricing promotions and more.

The world’s most Secure, Anonymous, Instant Messenger is about to enter the market.

This December will mark the start of something NEW, True Innovation in the world of instant messengers. An honest business model, transparent, not hiding behind the facade of offering something for FREE, and then in turn selling off people’s personal information for profit.

CVN/CVcoin will be one of the few Cryptocurrencies that will continue to grow, for it stands behind the world’s most Secure Instant Messenger to date. A real world product, fueled by a Cryptocurrency, a needed product, a valued product.

Crypviser Secure Messenger will be commercially released in December for IOS, and an Android Public Beta.

Come December there will be a choice.

Crypviser Secure Messenger.

Secure private messaging for everyone.



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