German Cybersecurity Company Chooses Sides in Global Political Upheaval

Düsseldorf Germany, February 5th, 2019.

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With a wave of demonstrations covering the globe;

Yellow Vests Movements throughout the world, anti Trump Movement, Venezuela anti Government Protests, anti-Bashir protests in Sudan, Serbia anti-government protests and so on, people have become more dependant on Instant Messengers to coordinate demonstrations.

Though history has shown us that these have messengers have failed when needed most.

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Facebooks Messenger, had all been blocked during a time when they were needed the most, and all of them are based on 1970’s encryption models. Easily blocked or stopped, and easily spied upon.

With spring just around the corner the Yellow Vests Movements will assuredly increase within Europe and across the globe.

Governments will be forced to take action to curtail the demonstrations to the point of blocking the communications which these demonstrators use to coordinate their forces, it has happened before, it will happen again.

The German Cybersecurity Company Crpviser decided it was time to choose sides.

“one can not just sit idly by and watch this unfold.”

Says CCO Mark Babbitt. “one needs to stick to their principles and practice what one preaches.” he continued by saying: “We have developed the most secure, anonymous, private messenger, all but immune to man in the middle attacks. It is decentralised, running on a network of nodes spread throughout the world, It can not be blocked. This is the most powerful communication tool to date.”

Crypviser has decided to choose sides:

“We do not support any Political Party, nor do we support any Political Groups. We support The People. We support those who are fighting for Freedom of Speech and their Right To Privacy. Organisations which have taken up this cause, Privacy International, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Electronic Privacy Information Center, American Civil Liberties Union, etc are all invited to use our Instant Messenger, for free. Individuals fighting for Freedom Of Speech or the Right To Privacy are hereby also invited to use our service, all they need to do is contact me directly and I will set the wheels in motion. We support People, not groups.” he concluded.

Crypviser released their messenger in January this year, it has been downloaded and used in countries such as China and the United Arab Emeriates, both of which block WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and others.

Are Governments ready to compete with an Un-Blockable, Anonymous, form of communication?

Are the people ready for one?

Is the world?

You can reach Mr. Babbitt at

Crypviser Secure Messenger is available now on the Apple App Store and a Free Beta Version for Android on the Google Play Store.

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To learn more about Crypviser Secure Messenger visit.

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