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It was difficult for us to go for it. We had to consider both investors and Crypviser interests. And we have decided to lower our stake in the project and keep capitalization unchanged. This decision makes our investors and coin holders key players on market.
We are going to distribute all the UNSOLD CVCoins among our investors. So every investment will be multiplied by a specific coefficient which will depend on the number of coins left. This move will make our participants the main investors on exchanges after ICO is finished. Even buying CVC now will bring you much more profit than if you buy afterwards.

Formula: K=1+NS/S

NS = unsold coins
S = sold coins
For example Crypviser sells 4,500,000 tokens, i.e. 5,500,000 unsold. Then: 5.5 / 4.5 + 1 = 2.22
Example 1: You take 1,000 CVC
Current price = 940 EUR (5% discount).
After ICO is over you get 2,220 CVC instead of 1,000 CVC.
Consider you bought 1 CVC for 0.42 EUR, i.e. 58% discount.
Example 2: You take 7,000 CVC
Current price: 6,385.5
Including 10% bonus: 7,700 CVC
After ICO is over you get 17,094 CVC instead of 7,700 CVC.
Consider you bought 1 CVC for 0.37 EUR, i.e. 63% discount.
We remind that CVCoin will be traded on all Bitshares DEX stocks and its expected to be traded at Livecoin, C-cex exchanges. Currently we negotiate with Kraken and Bittrex exchanges as well. Still you have few days till June, 30 to join our ICO and increase your stake. So hurry up to be the Core Crypviser Token Holder on market.

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