Exciting news: Crypviser token is to be listed at QRYPTOS

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Dear CVCoin Community,

We have an exciting joint announcement brought to you by the management team and our liquidity partner, QUOINE.

Our token will be listed on QRYPTOS, the most advanced ICO listing and cryptocurrency trading exchange.

You will be able to trade CVCoin on QRYPTOS by signing up for a QRYPTOS account at https://www.qryptos.com after finishing the technical deployment and integration process.

Further, we fully support the development of QUOINE’s LIQUID platform at https://liquid.plus, backed by the QASH Token Sale to provide global liquidity for the crypto economy. The development of QASH as the preferred token for financial services on the blockchain is the next step for QUOINE, an established global cryptocurrency company licensed by the Japan FSA, helmed by a strong management team with >250 years of fintech experience.

As a special reward to Crypviser community members, every member who signs up for a QRYPTOS account will get 10 QASH for FREE.

To learn more about the QASH Token Sale, do join the QUOINE Telegram group at https://goo.gl/KzudEd and receive another 10 QASH as a warm welcome gift from QUOINE.

Redeem your QASH rewards by submitting an application* here: https://bit.do/qashbounty

*All applications need to have a verified QRYPTOS account to be a qualified submission.

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