Decentralization meets bulletproof security

Crypviser, the Revolutionary Instant Communication App has joined forces with Exenium, a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented through a messenger chatbot interface.

Where as Crypviser has given you the most secure Instant Messaging App to date using Blockchain technology, Exenium has given you a complete Cryptocurrency Exchange with an easy-to-use interface, and a uniquely secure and powerful trading engine that is invulnerable to DDoS due to the two layers of security.

Crypviser’s decentralized nature will increase Exenium’s level of security to an even higher level than before, making it the perfect choice for the security-minded users.

Exeium has solved all of the problems that currently affect the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem such as: slow or non-existent customer support, hard to use exchange interfaces, sluggish and cumbersome trading engines, vulnerability to hacks and DDoS attacks, expensive and slow listing of new projects. Crypviser has solved all the problems that currently affect Instant Messaging Apps such as, Man In The Middle Attacks, Limited size of Data Transfer, Unsecured Messaging, Trojans and other Malicious Spyware, and the ability for Authorities to Block the use of Messaging Apps while still providing all of the features that are expected from a messenger, such as HD video calls and file transfer.

Where other popular Exchanges have a risk of DDoS attacks, Exenium has none. Where other popular Messaging Apps have risks of MItMA Crypviser has none. Where other popular Exchanges have Listing deposits, Exenium has none. Where other popular Messaging Apps have risks of Censorship, Crypviser has none.

It only seems logical that the two companies, which are both breaking new ground with their technology should join forces and offer customers something really breathtaking.

Having a fully functional Cryptocurrency Exchange Integrated within the Most Secured Instant Messaging App is Beyond Belief.

We expect it to be a highly beneficial partnership for both parties, a natural symbiosis that will propel both projects to new heights!

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Telegram Chat:



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