Dear CVcoin holders and traders,

Today, we are pleased to share some exceptional news from Crypviser and OpenLedger with you.

The trading fee for CVcoin on Openledger/Bitshares DEX exchange has been dramatically reduced from 2% to 0.3% for all available markets!

We are also happy to announce that new markets (trading pairs) of CVCOIN/OPEN.ETH (ETH) and CVCOIN/OPEN.EOS (EOS)
are opened for trading!

Reducing the trading fee and opening new markets are just a few steps of the many ahead to build up liquidity for CVcoin on DEX.

The OpenLedger/Bitshares decentralized exchange is the most secure platform for buying and trading CVcoin.

Get started today at

To help get you started here is a link about “How to buy CVcoin on OpenLedger” in English

also in German

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