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Dear CVCoin Holders,

After a flood of requests from ICO participants and new community members that don’t want to miss out on the Crypviser Alpha release for iOS platform, we have decided to provide this opportunity for all CVCoin holders who have equal to, or more than 3000 CVCOIN (CVN) in their wallet balance.

This offer is only valid until 31/10/2017. To take advantage of this limited opportunity, please fill out the below application and make sure that your wallet balance of CVCoin is not less than 3000 CVN.

As a reminder, you can get a Bitshares Wallet balance and purchase CVCOIN (CVN) tokens on the OpenLedger DEX for BTC, USD and BTS

The current most liquid markets available are CVCOIN/BTS and CVCOIN/BTC (OPEN.BTC)

To learn more abour Crypviser & CVCoin please visit:

#crypviser #cvcoin #security #messenger

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