Crypviser New Year Update

Dear Crypviser Community and Followers!

New 2020 is just around the corner and we have decided to publish the final update of the year 2019 in which we will share our plans for the upcoming year and announce some things that have been in the works behind the scenes for quite some time now.

Crypviser Secure Messenger had an incredible and consistent growth in terms of number of users and positive reviews during 2019, this motivated us to continue and improve our ecosystem by adding new products and services and drastically expanding our area of operations.

Driven by Crypviser Secure Messenger’s success, Crypviser GmbH will be launching a new set of secure communication solutions for businesses, with the flagship service being called the Crypviser Enterprise Platform.

This will be the most powerful and global blockchain platform custom built for B2B, IoT and H2M/M2M industries, the first of its kind on the global market, and will transform corporate communications and blockchain-powered services by making them truly decentralized, bulletproof, and professionally secure.

The launch of the new Platform will be accompanied by a STO (Security Token Offering) campaign, with the funds and resources raised from this security offering will be used to fund the launch of our new Enterprise Platform and fund the continuation of Crypviser Secure Messenger’s development.

So, what exactly is a STO, how is it different than an ICO and why did we decide to take this route to fund our future endeavors?

Basically, in an ICO buyers / investors generally purchase utility tokens which give them access to certain platforms or (d)apps, the purpose of the token, from the issuer’s perspective, is usage and not investment. Therefore, these tokens do not represent securities and can circumvent many regulations and legal frameworks.

On the other hand, an STO is more similar to a traditional IPO (initial public offering; when a company offers its shares and starts being publicly traded). Buyers in an STO receive tokens which are considered securities and enter a legal investment contract. These securities give them certain rights and privileges, many of which are similar to those that owners of traditional company shares have, namely receiving a part of company’s profits (dividends) and being legal owners of a certain part (percentage %) of the company’s equity, which they can of course later sell to other investors. These tokens can potentially also be traded on major regulated exchanges, such as NASDAQ, DAX, NYSE.

Holding STO securities makes you a part of the company, one of the company’s co-owners to be precise, and offers investors an unparalleled level of transparency, legality and accountability, as STO tokens have to comply with far stricter regulations and legal frameworks, identical to those of the traditional securities space.

Crypvier GmbH has become one of the fastest-growing secure communication companies and we embrace and appreciate all of the pressure and responsibility that comes with this position, hence why we have chosen this solution that comes with the most accountability. For us, our community is an extension of us, we want to make sure they can take part in our success by holding tokens that require us to share all of our profits with them, and that legally make them owners of a part of our company.

The people who will benefit the most from the upcoming STO campaign undoubtedly are CVN holders, due to the fact that they will receive a whopping 80%+ discount on all STO tokens they purchase using CVN, but also due to the fact that a huge chunk of the funds raised during the STO will be used to support CVN token market price and fund Crypviser Secure Messenger (CSM) further development, marketing and mass adoption and promo campaigns to accomplish all of our ambitious goals. We are working very hard to achieve all of the things we outlined in the CSM roadmap update and working tirelessly towards this goal.

We feel like our community and those who have been with us from the start deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty and dedication, and what could possibly be a better way to reward them than a 80% discount on security tokens that allow them to receive a portion of their favourite company’s profits.

Keep in mind that Crypviser Enterprise Platform (dubbed CEP) will be our flagship product aimed at enterprises, but it won’t be the only new product we are launching in 2020. We will be launching numerous other solutions and products aimed at services, more details and announcements regarding these will be published after the New Year Holidays, this blog post just serves as a quick announcement for what you may expect from us in Q1 2020 and beyond.

The Crypviser team wish you a very Happy New Year and we are looking forward to seeing how our journey unfolds and what the future has in store for us in 2020 and forward.

Stay tuned for more information and updates regarding our upcoming STO campaign and make sure to follow our blog socials network to stay in the loop with all things Crypviser.

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The most secure social and business communication platform on blockchain

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Crypviser Blog

The most secure social and business communication platform on blockchain

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