CVNX Token Swap has been launched!

Dear CVCOIN(CVN) Holders and Traders,

We are delighted to announce launching the CVNX dApp in live mode!

The Swap module of CVNX dApp allows CVCOIN ERC20, CVN BTS, and Crypviser CVT token holders to swap for CVNX in an easy and user-friendly way.

To start swapping your CVCOIN(CVN) ERC20, CVN BTS, and CVT tokens please open the CVNX dApp at in your browser and follow the instructions.

Technical Requirements

Internet Browser
The CVNX dApp is compatible with any Desktop and Mobile browser. However, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

Ethereum ERC20 Wallet
To receive CVNX tokens you need to set up an Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallet on your device. We recommend using MetaMask, TrustWallet, or MEW(MyEtherwallet)

The CVNX dApp

The CVNX dApp supports Day(light) and Night(dark) modes. You can easily switch between the modes by clicking on icons in the header menu.

The Stacking and Voting modules in the CVNX dApp are coming soon!

The CVNX dApp is available in English, German, Russian, Spanish Chinese, and Turkish languages.

Crypviser Wiki and Technical Support

The detailed user guides and HowTo’s about the CVNX Swap are available on Crypviser Wiki at in multiple supported languages.

You can find answers to the frequently asked questions in different languages, such as:

How to swap CVCOIN on Huobi Global?
How to swap CVCOIN(CVN) ERC-20 in the Ethereum cold wallet?
How to swap CVN BTS from Bitshares Wallet?
How to add CVNX token in your MetaMask wallet

In case of any technical issues, misunderstandings, or further questions, you can open a support ticket at Crypviser Wiki or email to:

Follow us to stay tuned for the further updates

Crypviser WiKi:

Crypviser Blog:

The official group in Telegram for live discussion




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The most secure social and business communication platform on blockchain

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