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CVN Foundation has been established

PRESS RELEASE, 01 February 2019,

Zug, Switzerland

Great and exciting news for CVN and Crypviser communities!
We happy to announce that the CVN Foundation has been established.

The CVN Foundation is a public, nonprofit and transparent organization registered in Germany, which is led by active Crypviser community members.

The purpose and goals of the CVN Foundation are:

- Give community members the chance to execute their own marketing and promotional ideas isolated from Crypviser GmbH/CVChain GmbH own marketing plans.
- To create a creative platform for community members, who wish to participate in promoting Crypviser/CVcoin and their products with the help of other like-minded members.

The main platform of the CVN Foundation is on the Forum available at
After passing a simple registration process all members can post, discuss, ask questions and get answer in many useful threads classified by different categories.
The Forum has discussion threads available in many languages.

On top of the Foundation is the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board consists of community leaders.
The CVN Foundation creates the incentive for the community members to being active by rewarding successfully executed promotional activities, which were approved by the Foundation Board in CVCoin.

Community Members and Freelancers can be any person, who submit ideas, promos, sharing’s and tweets to the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board decides which activities will be rewarded and the size of amount.

The public activities which are subject to be rewarded:

- Public promos,
- Videos,
- Post Sharing
- Tweets,
- Online/Offline Marketing.
- Meetups/Events

More detailed information and terms of the CVN Foundation activities are described in the Foundation Charter which is available for download here

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