CVN BTS Swap Update

HitBTC Exchange officially supports the CVNX swap!

Dear CVN traders and Holders,

We are delighted to inform you that HitBTC Exchange will officially support the CVNX swap.

Due to the CVN BTS token swap to CVNX, the existing CVN markets (BTC, ETH, USDT) on HitBTC will be suspended on 1st November 2021 (01/11/2021) 12:00 UTC time.

The CVN withdrawals/deposits will be suspended on 1st November 2021 (01/11/2021) 12:00 UTC time.

The remained CVN tokens of user accounts will be swapped automatically to CVNX after 01/11/2021 on a certain date of opening new CVNX markets.

The CVN ERC20/BTS and CVT tokens swap to CVNX stored on cold and Bitshare wallets will be starting in November 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We expect many questions after this update, so here are the answers to the most common questions.

Do I have to withdraw CVN BTS tokens by 1st November 2021?

If you wish to exchange your CVN BTS to CVNX one of the first, you can withdraw your CVN BTS to Bitshares wallet for swapping with CVNX dAPP in November 2021.

What happens after November if I don’t withdraw my tokens from HitBTC?

After 1st November 2021, all remaining CVN BTS tokens on HitBTC exchange will be swapped to CVNX automatically on a certain date when CVNX starts trading on HitBTC.

When will CVNX start trading on HitBTC?

The opening date of the new CVNX markets is still TBA(To be Announced). The trading start date will be determined after November 1st, 2021

I keep CVN BTS in my Bitshares wallet, do I have to do something?

No, you have to wait for further announcements. You will be able to exchange your CVN BTS with the convenient CVNX dApp in November 2021.

Which CVNX markets will be available for trading on HitBTC?

The same markets with BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs will be available for CVNX trading.

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