CVCOIN ticker to CVN Swap on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX has been completed, UPDATE #2

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Dear CVcoin (CVN) holders and traders,

We are glad to inform you that the ticker swap of CVCOIN to CVN is completed on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX.

The new markets of CVN are opened for trades

and more..


Traders who still have open orders in CVCOIN markets before 15/08/2018 can cancel these orders and exchange their CVCOIN tokens to CVN at an exchange rate of 1:1 until 01/09/2018

To exchange CVCOIN to CVN please follow the below steps:

1. Please cancel pending orders on all CVCOIN and OPEN.CVN markets
2. Go to market
3. Click CVN to sell order and input the amount of CVCOIN you have to exchange in the “Buy CVN” area.
4. Click to buy and put your wallet password to execute the transaction.

After performing these steps you should see the amount in CVN on your account balance.

ATTENTION! All CVCOIN and OPEN.CVN markets are not valid! CVCOIN and OPEN.CVN tokens will be burned after 01/09/2018

In order to get help and assistance please contact us by email: or join our live chat in Telegram

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