CVCOIN ticker to CVN Swap on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX

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Dear CVCoin(CVN) Holders and Traders,

In order to classify and bring the CVCOIN token ticker name to a unified standard on all exchanges, please be aware that the CVCOIN ticker will be changed on OpenLedger DEX to CVN.

The ticker swap will be performed on OpenLedger and Bitshares DEX on 15th August 2018.

  1. To get your assets swapped automatically from CVCOIN to CVN with a 1:1 exchange rate, please cancel all outstanding CVCOIN orders by the 15th August 2018.

2. Those users who have pending orders on August 15, 2018 will also be able to exchange their CVCOIN assets into CVN tokens manually at the same rate.

3. The CVCOIN token trades on OpenLedger DEX will be temporary suspended until the end of the ticker swap. Trades on the external exchanges won’t be affected

4. Starting August 15, 2018 CVCOIN gateways will be closed and CVCOIN deposits and withdrawals will no longer be available. On the same day, CVN gateways for withdrawals and deposits will be turned activated.

5. The ticker swap on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX won’t affect the external exchanges, Sistemkoin or HitBTC.

6. All your CVCOIN assets on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX and external exchanges will be kept safe. However please do not deposit/withdraw CVCOIN on the external exchanges until the end of the swap.

7. CVCOIN ticker to CVN swap on HitBTC exchange will be held later. However trades on HitBTC exchange will go on continuously.

8. All CVCOIN tokens will be burned as soon as the swap is over.

We would like to remind you that the ticker (short symbol) of CVCOIN was changed due to rebranding in December 2017

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