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Cryptocurrency Backed by Cutting Edge Technology

CVN (CVcoin) is the Cryptocurrency which is powering the worlds first Decentralised Blockchain Public Key Exchange.

Crypviser GmbH a Germany Cyberseucirty Company has developed this DPKI and Automated Encryption which will be put to use in the IoT Industry, Machine 2 Machine Industry, Low Earth Orbit Communications, Smart Homes and more.

An Industry In Desperate Need.

The IoT industry has already started and we have seen how inept it is in the field of Security.

A study by HP Fortify claims that 70% of the most commonly used Internet of Things (IoT) devices contain security vulnerabilities, including password security, encryption and general lack of granular user access permissions.

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In another recent study of 553 IT decision makers, 78% said they thought it was at least somewhat likely that their businesses would suffer data loss or theft enabled by IoT devices.

Researchers from Zimperium’s zLabs team have discovered that the popular Internet of Things real-time operating system from AWS — FreeRTOS — is riddled with serious vulnerabilities that could let hackers crash connected devices in homes or critical infrastructure systems.

Decentralised Blockchain Public Key Infrastructure.

CVN (CVcoin) is the Security Token used for creating a secure connection between devices. Common encryption models either distribute a key from a cental server or directly from adress to adress. One big problem with these methods is that a key can get intercepted during distribution.

To remedy this Crypviser uses a Blockchain as a secure channel to exchange the public keys. Every exchange that is carried out requires Crypvisers Security Token CVT ,which is only purchased with CVN on a 1:1 ratio.

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Crypviser Automated Encryption

The Biggest challenge has been securing these devices from outside threats. By harnessing the Power of Blockchain Technology, together with the highest level of encryption, Crypviser has taken the art of Security to a whole new level.

Wearables: Be it a smartwatch, fitness tracker or any future gadget for the consumer market: Crypviser can secure these personal devices.

Autonomous Automobiles: Capturing even a single vehicle and being able to control it, unseen, could lead to immense personal and material damage.

Medical Appliances: Which kind of data could be more sensitive than the one concerning your health? Your medical history being leaked or altered could have tragic consequences.

Connected Homes: The crowbar of the future could be a smartphone, silently opening a window automatically because it hadn‘t had the latest update.

Industrial Use Cases: From agriculture to retail, IoT devices are changing how companies in many industries do business.
John Deere has started using sensors in its tractors so that farmers can easily access data about their crop yields.

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All of the above examples require a secure channel for connectivity. Each and every product released, protected with Crypvisers CSMP would require the use of CVT for the Blockchain Authentication.

Crypviser already has partnerships with companies requiring this technology and that list will continue to grow.

As a use case, Crypviser has implemented their CSMP into a Messenger with an integrated Cryptocurrency wallet, able to send, receive and store CVT. This Cryptocurrency wallet will be expanded to hold more BTS based Cryptocurrencies such as EOS, BTS, STEEM and more.

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Sending and receiving these cryptocurrencies will be as easy as sending a text message. There will be no need to copy and paste someones wallet address in order to send them cryptocurrency, for each and every contact you have within the messenger has already been verified over Blockchain, therefore their wallet address is their contact name.

Also unlike storing your Cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange, the Cryptocurrency you hold within the Crypviser Secure Messenger wallet is Cold Storage. You, and you alone hold the Keys to your wallet, and the funds contain therein.

A Real Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity.

If you are looking at which of the over 1400 cryptocurrencies to invest in, CVN (CVcoin) is a real good opportunity. Right now it is trading at around 0.15, though with it’s real case uses, in an industry which is already growing exponentially, now would be the best time to get it.

You can buy CVN at these exchanges:

  1. Huobi
    2. CoinTiger
    3. HitBTC
    4. Sistemkoin
    5. Openledger DEX
    6. BTC-Alpha
    7. Deex exchange

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