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Dear CVcoin(CVN) holders & followers, This is to inform you that CVCOIN(CVN) is going to be voted on in the 2nd round for listing on the Huobi HADAX.

The voting will start 30/05/2018 at 07:00 by GMT +2 (Berlin time) and finish 02/06/2018 at 07:00 by GMT +2

The rules for the second round are the following:

  1. All given votes at the 1st round (26th — 29th, May 2018) can be kept for the 2nd round until the CVCOIN wins and then have them refunded by HADAX.
  2. Voters of the first round can give unlimited votes to CVCOIN in the 2nd round.
  3. Voters for the unsuccessful projects may have their votes refunded during the refunding window, which will open from 14:00 on May 29 to 13:00 on May 30 , 2018 (GMT+8). You may also keep your votes in the next round until the projects win and then have them refunded by HADAX.
  4. All the HT paid for the voting will be refunded. The locking rule of each phase is set to avoid impact on the final results by frequent voting and refunding. Users can have their paid HT refunded at any other time.
  5. The TOP 3 voted tokens will be listed. For more details please visit

Get ready for ROUND 2!

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