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3 min readMay 14, 2018


Today we have a great news! CVcoin (CVN) token has become available in the ERC20 format for the Ethereum Network.

The contract address is: 0x62aaf435273bc4baa78dcebd6590042d7e58ba6f The full smart contract details can be viewed by this link

The main token options are:

Token name: CVCOIN ERC20
Short symbol: CVN
Total Supply: 15.000.000 CVN
Decimals: 5

The withdraw/deposit of CVN ERC20 is available on OpenLedger DEX. (

A detailed video guide is coming soon.
To learn more about CVCOIN ERC20 and circulation conditions, please see the below FAQ:

What’s the idea behind of CVCOIN(CVN) in ERC 20?

Originally CVcoin(CVN) was issued on the Bitshares platform and mainly tradable on the DEX (Decentralized Exchanges). Being the main token of the Crypviser project and absorbing all advantages of Graphene/Bitshares platform, CVcoin in ERC20 format has been created to make the listing process easier and faster on external exchanges, as well as bringing more liquidity from the Ethereum network.

Is the name of ERC20 token is the same CVCOIN(CVN)? Why wasn’t the name changed as expected?

Crypviser decided to keep the same name of CVCOIN (CVN) in ERC20 format to avoid confusion of using different names, misunderstandings and to keep the token recognition on the markets.
At the same time, only one token CVN(BTS) or CVN(ERC20) will be tradable on the exchanges.

What’s the difference between original CVcoin(CVN) in BTS and CVN in ERC20?

CVN (BTS) is available for trading on DEX and other exchanges which support Bitshares platform.
CVN (ERC20) will be tradable on the external exchanges only (without support of Bitshares platform) as a separate token in pairs such as CVN/BTC, CVN/ETH, CVN/USD and etc.
The values of CVN(BTS) and CVN(ERC 20) may be different and defined by the each market.

What is the max supply and circulation conditions of CVN (ERC20), will it affect the total supply of CVcoin?

NO! The total supply of CVcoin will be kept the same. The exchange between CVN (BTS) and CVN(ERC20) is available through gateways only, which means, you have to deposit CVN (BTS) in the Bitshares network, which is blocked on the gateway to get the same amount in CVN (ERC20). The blocked amounts on the gateway will be out of the circulation.

How do I receive CVN(ERC20)?

The exchange gateway of CVN (Bitshares) to CVN (ERC20) is available on OpenLedger DEX under “Withdraw/Deposit” options.
To receive CVN (ERC20) you should specify the amount and your Ethereum address in “Withdraw” window. The tokens will be automatically exchanged and sent to your Ethereum(ERC20) address.
A detailed video guide will be available soon.

What’s the exchange rate between CVN(BTS) and CVN(ERC20)?

The initial exchange rate is 1:1. E.g., for 1 CVN (BTS) you will get 1 CVN in ERC20.

Where do I keep CVN(ERC20) tokens, which Ethereum wallets do you support, can I store CVN (ERC20) in hardware wallet?

CVN(ERC20) is issued as a standard Smart Contract and supports all classic Ethereum wallets, including hardware wallets.
However, due many security matters and vulnerabilities of ERC20 Smart Contracts for savings and secure trading purposes we recommend storing CVN tokens in a Bitshares wallet.



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