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Dear CVcoin (CVN) community, As you all know, Huobi HADAX exchange has postponed the start of CVCOIN(CVN) trading, which was scheduled for the 30th August 2018. The reason given was, to avoid any confusion with the Chinese project “CVN” which shares the same ticker as CVcoin. Since most users of Huobi exchanges are from China, the Huobi team decided to postpone the trading, as to avoid any misunderstanding caused by mixing up deposits of CVCOIN(CVN) with the other project. Even though the CVN ticker has belonged to CVCOIN since December 2017, out of respect to the Chinese community members we came to an agreement with the Huobi team and will continue to use the full name of CVCOIN as a ticker name in trading pairs on Hadax Exchange (e.g. CVCOIN/BTC, CVCOIN/ETH).

Only on Huobi the CVcoin ticker is CVcoin. On all other exchanges it is CVN.

This measure should remedy any confusion in reference to CVCOIN (CVN) and Crypviser with any other tokens in China.

However, we want to confirm and remind you that the CVN ticker has belonged to CVCOIN since December 2017 and is currently in use on many exchanges and token trackers, such as;

The official announcement of acquiring CVN as a ticker can be found here.

The new start date of CVCOIN(CVN) trading and further details will be given by Huobi HADAX on Monday, 03rd September 2018
Please keep monitoring the updates and stay in touch!

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