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Hello All

We happy to confirm that CVCOIN(CVN) has been launched on HitBTC exchange.

The ticker: CVCOIN
Trading pairs: CVCOIN/BTC, CVCOIN/USDT, CVCOIN/ETH are available

You can deposit and withdraw CVCOIN (BITSHARES) token.
CVCOIN Bitshares wallets are available at,
Please watch the video how to create and manage Bitshares Account (Wallet)

CVCOIN ERC20 token holders may open a Bitshares Account and exchange to CVCOIN BITSHARES through the gateway available at OpenLedger DEX ( under “DEPOSIT” option. The exchange ratio is 1:1, CVCOIN ERC20 = CVCOIN BITSHARES

For more details and for any questions please visit our live chat on Telegram

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