CVCOIN(CVN) BTS token moves to the DEEX Exchange

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Dear CVCOIN(CVN) Holders & Traders

This is to inform you that the original CVCOIN(CVN) token has moved to new home location on the DEEX Exchange.
DEEX is a decentralized exchange for quick and easy trade of cryptocurrencies.

DEEX Exchange is based on the most advanced platform Bitshares, which powers decentralized exchanges and assets.
According to the company release in Feb. 2020, DEEX Exchange plays a significant role in Bitshares eco-system and covers at least 30% of the decentralized public nodes.

Crypviser started partnerhips with DEEX in 2018 and continuosely growth the cooperation level.

The CVCOIN is available for trade on DEEX Exchange in different markets:





and others.

Learn how to create a new account or login with your existing Bitshares account on DEEX Exchange and start trading of CVCOIN(CVN) at

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