To participate in the AIRDROP of CVCOIN(CVN) ERC-20 you must perform the following steps to vote for CVCOIN(CVN) on the Huobi HADAX exchange starting from 26th 07:00 GMT+2 — until 29th May 2018

  1. Register or have an account on the Huobi Pro Exchange (
  2. Pass ID verification prior to the start of the voting (verification may take 1–2 days)
  3. Purchase HT tokens (Huobi Token) on the Huobi Pro exchange. Voting is conducted by HT tokens. 1 HT = 10 votes.
  4. Go to

and select CVN (Crypviser) by clicking on “Vote now”

5. Follow the instructions and specify the number of votes (1 HT = 10 votes)

6. The number of votes for each participant is not limited!

ATTENTION!!! All HT tokens used for voting will be refunded to your account upon completion of the CVcoin listing on the Huobi HADAX exchange. In case CVCOIN (CVN) does not pass the first round of voting it will be moved to the next round. Participants can keep their votes until CVcoin has enough votes to win the listing on the Huobi HADAX exchange.

The winners are the TOP3 projects with the most votes!

Details of the terms and voting rules for Huobi are available by reference


1. CVCOIN (CVN) will be distributed among all the participants according to the number of given votes. The more votes given, the more CVN will be received.

2. The total pool allocated for AIRDROP is 200.000 CVCOIN (CVN)

3. The distribution will be held by the Huobi exchange for those participants who retained their votes until the project wins listing on Huobi HADAX.

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