Crypviser Weekly Digest

Enabling the CVNX price in MetaMask

We are pleased to notice that the CVNX price is now visible in the MetaMask wallet. If you are holding CVNX in the MetaMask, you can watch the actual price in the tokens list.

CoinMarketCap(CMC) delays the CVNX listing

Unfortunately, according to CoinMarketCap(CMC) officials, the CVNX listing is delayed due to technical issues on their side. With the assurance of CMC technical support, their engineering team is working to bring the CVNX markets tracking into live mode.

The CVNX Bull Run

After some correction, we are excited to see the CVNX uptrend starting 05th April 2022.

Price data from CoinGecko
CVNX/BTC (Huobi Global) chart and TA by Trading View on 16/04/2022
TA summary of CVNX/BTC market on Huobi Global by TradingView on 16/04/2022

CVNX swap options for “sleepy” Holders

Despite many official notices and public reminders, we still have been getting many CVN BTS/CVT and CVCOIN ERC20 swap requests after the deadline expired on 01st April 2022.

In brief, you purchase the same amount of CVNX on public markets, we manually swap your old assets.

We offer similar terms to users who still haven’t withdrawn their tokens from the ICO since 2017.



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