Crypviser Wallet (Beta version)

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Dear friends.

After a tremendous amount of work we are happy to announce the Crypviser Wallet (Beta version) — a safe and user-friendly wallet. You can securely store both CVN tokens and other Bitshares assets.
The wallet supports multi accounts, i.e. if you have numerous accounts you can link them all and manage them through the wallet. The service has no access to your private keys and neither do we. Currently the wallet is available in, English, German and Russian.

We are currently preparing a detailed manual and will publish it shortly. There are many useful and handy features included in the wallet.

Keep in mind that we are still working on the interface, therefore you might experience minor complexities in using the service. The address of wallet is

Should you have any questions, please write to

Best regards
Crypviser Wallet team

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