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Press Release

10th March 2019

Düsseldorf, Germany

Crypviser launches a brand new White-Label Enterprise solution for secure business communication — Crypviser Enterprise Communicator.

The new solution is targeted to corporate business customers to secure critical business communication networks and data exchange channels based on Crypviser Automated Encryption (“AE”) and DPKI (“Decentralized Public-Key Infrastructure”) model.

The Crypviser Enterprise Communicator offers several different deployment options, starting from an affordable easy to use Blockchain Cloud-based package to a more complex On-Premise Private Blockchain deployment with customized features development.

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Crypviser Enterprise Communicator deployment packages

All packages include White-Label branding and Virtual Private Network options.

The Crypviser Enterprise Communicator can be also integrated into IoT and M2M devices for encrypted data transmission and secure storage.

“At this time, we are launching a unique, and the most secure solution for the B2B market, IoT and M2M industries, which is based on the time-proven and bulletproof Crypviser Network. Although there are already some existing products available for the enterprise communication market, all of them are centralized, they all share vulnerable cryptographic models, and none of them provides the same professional level of security and privacy than the Crypviser Enterprise Communicator.

This is the next evolution in secure business communication!”

said Vadim Andyan, CTO of Crypviser.

Detailed information about the Crypviser Enterprise Communicator, order forms and customer testimonials, are available in English on the webpage

The webpage will be available in German, Russian and Spanish languages soon.

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