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Crypviser, the 3rd Anniversary!

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary on 20th May 2020, Crypviser announces an unprecedented GRAND EVENT to draw incredible prizes among subscribers of the most Secure Crypviser Messaging App.

We will be drawing a lot of incredible prizes, including smartphones, laptops, Bitcoins and even 3 X BMW and Mercedes cars among Crypviser subscribers.

And the most eye-catching prize of the Grand Event will be a Luxury Grand Villa in Spain, with an estimated value of about 1.000.000 €!

All Grand Event details, rules and conditions for participation will be published on the Crypviser Grand MEGA Event website after the launch!

Do not miss out on one of the biggest GIVEAWAY in the history of Blockchain Start-Ups. Subscribe to the newsletter on to stay tuned!

Happy Crypviser Anniversary!

Yours Sincerely,
Crypviser Team

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