Crypviser Secure Messenger Official Android Release

Crypviser GmbH, the Cyber Security company based in Germany, has released its official version of Crypviser Secure Messenger for Android.

This is not just another Instant Messenger, this is worlds apart from all others on the market.

The First Of Its Kind.

In lieu of using outdated, 1970’s key exchange methods, the most crucial part of End 2 End encryption, they developed their Blockchain Key Exchange, ensuring no man in the middle attacks are possible, ensuring no third party listening in, reading your texts, looking at your photos, watching the videos you send, or even changing the texts you send. The possibility for man in the middle attacks still exists for all other messengers on the market. Only with Crypviser Secure Messenger, with its Blockchain PKI avoids this attack.

Automated Encryption

Easy To Use And Full of Features.

To create an account one simply needs to Download the Messenger on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and create an ID.

This ID is completely up to you, it will be how you are known to your friends. Since all authentication is done over Blockchain there is no need for a Mobile Number, no need for an E-Mail address, and no need for your Name. To Crypviser you remain 100% Anonymous.

Upon creating your Id and adding a contact there is a slight delay during the Blockchain Public Key Exchange. This delay only happens the first time you add a contact. Once you have added that contact all communications with said contact thereafter are lightning fast.

No Man in the Middle attacks and no personal information collected, needed, nor wanted. Crypviser could have stopped right there, however they were just starting.

Feature Rich Secure Private Messaging

HD Audio: Crystal clear encrypted audio calls.

Unlimited Data Transfer: Unlike other messengers on the market with limited data transfer, Crypvisers Secure Messenger has NO FILE SIZE LIMIT.

Customized Wallpapers: Allows the user to have a different custom wallpaper for each contact.

Encrypted, Private Chats all the time, every time:

Crypviser’s core belief is everyone has the right to Security and Privacy. By default, Crypviser is setup to offer the user the most private and secure communication on the planet. There is no “Private Chat” setting the user needs to activate, for each and every chat, call, video, data transfer, are secure, encrypted and private, all the time, every time

Cryptocurrency Wallet: Crypviser has incorporated a Cryptocurrency wallet. For those who have entered into the world of Cryptocurrency this is a extra special feature. You hold the private keys to your funds, independent from an exchange, and able to send Cryptocurrency to anyone of your contacts, just like sending a photo. Crypviser Secure Messenger will be adding numerous other crypto currencies into the wallet for storage, sending and receiving.

Self Destructing Messages:

Users can send self destructing messages that are destroyed on Both Ends. An easy to use slide bar helps the user set the time of the destruction, anywhere from 5 seconds up to 48 hours.

No Single Server. No Single Point Of Attack.

In being decentralised there is no central access point which can be shut down or blocked, if one node is blocked than the other nodes will carry the weight and continue to operate ensuring people’s access to the network, ensuring that people’s voices will be heard.

Privacy and Security.

Forward Control: If you don’t want your messages to be forwarded then simply use Forward Control to disable message forwarding.

Users also have the option to receive notifications if a message has been forwarded. The feature applies to chats being copied as well.

In addition to these features also comes the ability to withhold your user name as the author of a forwarded message.

Privacy Is Your right.

You deserve your Privacy.

You deserve Security.

Crypviser Secure Messenger delivers on both. The most Private and Secure Messenger……PERIOD.



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