Crypviser Secure Messenger — is the official crypto Messenger of DEEX community

Dear Crypviser & DEEX communities!

Today, we pleased to report that the Crypvser Secure Messenger has been declared as an official encrypted Messenger for the DEEX community!

“In the blockchain, the most valuable thing is cooperation. Blockchain is not about competition, but about mutually beneficial cooperation. And we established reliable long term partnership with CrypViser — German developer of high quality blockchain encrypted messenger with crypto features! DEEX is becoming home crypto exchange for CVN token, as well as its merchant at the back-end, and CrypViser is becoming DEEX official cryptomessenger!”

Said by DEEX CEO in welcome quote.

Crypviser also welcomes DEEX community users in the Grand Event and wishes a big luck!

For any inqueries or issues, please join us for Live Chat in Telegram group at

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